Techbuyer Backs Plan For Ukraine Sponsorship Programme

Techbuyer is, like many UK businesses, determined to do what we can to help the citizens of Ukraine trying to flee the horrors of the Russian attack on their country.

As a member of the Leaders Council, we attended their Annual Gala in London on March 2 focusing on leadership. It was also attended by the Council’s Chairman Lord Blunkett who mentioned that he would have to leave the event early to take part in a House of Lords discussion about a local sponsorship scheme to help Ukrainian refugees later that evening.

The Leaders Council’s Charter of Principles includes the pledge to “commit, wherever possible, to making a positive social and environmental impact”, echoing a standpoint that is a major driver for Techbuyer as a business.

With that sentiment in mind, we fully support the planned establishment of a UK sponsorship system that would allow Ukrainians who do not have already established family ties to the UK but who are able to match with individuals, charities, businesses and community groups to come here. The programme would provide them with jobs and help with housing, meaning they would be able to live securely in safety.

Techbuyer, as with many other businesses, organisations and individuals, is ready, willing and able to provide that concrete help to Ukrainians wanting to flee the war at home and we would welcome the chance to provide support and assistance.

Although the government has announced the plan to set up what it has described as a humanitarian sponsorship pathway, nothing has happened yet. There is no indication of when the programme will be launched. However, once it is in place we will actively look to offer sponsorships to Ukrainians where we can. We are a fast-growing business and there will be opportunities to use our position to take part in the sponsoring programme.

We want to be a proactive player in the business solution that would allow refugees to come here and live and work in safety and not yet being able to do so is frustrating.

The Lord Bishop of Leeds said during another Lords debate on the refugee crisis on March 8: “The government have rightly praised the generosity of the people of the United Kingdom, but there seems to be a systemic problem in allowing that generosity to be exercised.” He added: “We keep hearing from the government that we are leading the way, but we are patently not.”

That has to change and fast. The sponsorship programme should be established with utmost haste so Techbuyer and others can offer the support we are committed to providing. We call on the UK government to enable us to make good on our commitment and actually set up an operational sponsorship system as soon as possible.

We stand with Ukraine.