Case Studies

Explore Techbuyer's industry case studies, delivering best practice across the full IT life cycle and sustainable hardware solutions for businesses globally.

University of Cambridge

Network Services

This Higher Education organisation required a cost-effective and flexible IT solution for their wide variety of networking tasks. Specifically, they needed SFP transceivers that were compatible with their existing Cisco core system.

Techbuyer supplied Ortial IT hardware over a three year contract. This ensured excellent availability, reliability and prices for University of Cambridge Network Services.

Torbay Council


When faced with data centre expansions, Torbay Council required a new 17TB storage solution. Techbuyer IT specialists provided a refurbished IT solution that provided the same reliability and performance as new, but with 52% cost savings compared to the RRP.

Ostara Systems


Ostara’s software service manages building maintenance for a variety of clients, including Primark and Premier Inn. Their system is accessed by multiple clients and is maintained using Ostara’s own servers. When in need of quality IT equipment to upgrade and expand their infrastructure, Ostara got in touch with Techbuyer.

WindCORES, Paderborn, Germany


WindCORES is a data centre project lead by LIMEBIRD, a sustainable energy provider in Germany. By building a data centre within a wind turbine, the project capitalised on existing infrastructure, reduced energy costs, and created a more sustainable IT solution.

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate


When an independent boarding school needed hybrid mini PCs for its students, Techbuyer quickly sourced a solution despite it not being part of our core inventory. The order was shipped quickly in time for the school’s IT class.

CTDI Glenrothes Office


Virgin Media products. They needed IT hardware with extensive warranties, maintenance contracts and excellent reliability. Our IT specialists worked closely with CTDI to source and supply a series of IT solutions.

Unikie Group


Unikie Group is a deep tech company with sites across Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland and the USA. They are responsible for technological projects for their clients across the world. To support its services, the company needed to create its own data centre solutions that could store data securely and be used for test and development.

Techbuyer worked closely with Unikie Group’s Technical Lead to deliver a large number of refurbished HPE ProLiant Gen8 servers as well as 35 HPE Gen8 blades. These were installed at the company’s two data centres in Tampere and Oulu, Finland.

Diverse Academies Learning Partnership


The Diverse Academies are a multi-academy trust consisting of 13 educational institutes in the UK supporting over 7,500 pupils and students. The trust was tasked with implementing network and IT improvements to centralise the infrastructure and bring the academies’ technological resources to a high standard.

Techbuyer worked closely with Diverse Academies to provide solutions for their vast and complex requirements, sharing practical and valuable advice in the process. Adhering to the limited budget, Techbuyer provided IT hardware to create a purpose-built blade cluster which is more practical and manageable.

Gamma Communications


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gamma had over 1000 employees working from their households. Most Gamma employees had a redundant laptop at their home address, and because of the pandemic, they were unsure how to arrange a collection of each IT device. They needed to securely remove their IT devices and have every asset data erased for peace of mind, all whilst remaining COVID safe.

Techbuyer approached Gamma regarding our secure ITAD services and identified that a collection from the residential location of each employee would be the best plan of action.

Anuerin Bevan


Aneurin Bevan Health Board is located in South Wales and works as a training facility and a healthcare service for the region. They are one of 11 health organisations that make up NHS Wales. The Health Board has an extensive team of community nurses who travel around the area daily to treat patients. Because of this, it had invested in a large quantity of mobile devices, including iPads and tablets.

To ensure that their mobile devices were effectively meeting the needs of the users, the Health Board decided to perform a device refresh. They approached Techbuyer to enquire about our IT disposal capabilities.