Techbuyer Disk Partnerships

Techbuyer works with leading global disk vendors to offer a broad range of storage solutions including KIOXIA, Toshiba and Samsung. We have close relationships with the vendors meaning we can offer our customers a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

Our partners


For over 50 years Toshiba has been developing and delivering high-quality hard disk drives to the market.

Techbuyer partners with Toshiba to provide customers with mobile and industrial ranges of HDDs, offering advanced warranty options across the Toshiba range, as well as technical support when required.


KIOXIA are the inventors of flash memory, changing the future of storage with a range of high-performance products for data centre and enterprise applications.

Techbuyer is an affiliated Gold Partner which means we can offer our customers enterprise-class solid-state drives and high-level technical support.

While KIOXIA is relatively new, we have been partnered with the SSD Manufacturer since they were known as Toshiba Memory.

KIOXIA boast a broad range of SSD products using the latest technology, all with the right performance, reliability, and total cost of ownership you need. 


Micron is a world leader in innovative memory and storage solutions, boasting a broad range of high-performance memory technologies. Techbuyer offers a wide selection of Micron’s leading-edge client and enterprise SSDs to compliment our disk portfolio.


As part of our disk portfolio, Techbuyer offers a wide range of memory technologies from Samsung, including high-performance, high-reliability data enterprise storage solutions and SSDs.


Ortial Technologies is a leading vendor of memory, storage and networking components, specialising in desktop and laptop memory, SSDs, plus networking transceivers and cables. Ortial supplies fully compatible products at a substantial cost benefit compared to other competitive brands.


Techbuyer partners with Seagate to deliver a wide range of enterprise HDD.

For over 40 years, Seagate has offered innovative and easily integrated storage solutions built on trust, affordability, and ease.

To browse the Techbuyer’s range of storage solutions for all business and personal requirements, or make a purchase, please visit the storage section of our website.