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Sell your Used IT equipment to us - we offer the best prices!

With the Techbuyer decommissioning service, we will buy back your used IT equipment, offering the best market prices and trade-in values in exchange for your used IT parts. We buy any data centre equipment including servers, HDDs, CPUs, server memory and other IT hardware from over 150 different brands including HPE, Dell, Intel, IBM and Cisco.

Sell your IT hardware, we buy:

Including rack, blade and tower server models. We accept a variety of brands including HPE, Dell and IBM.

We accept a variety of components and server parts, including CPUs, hard drives and solid state drives.

Ranging from DDR2 to DDR4, from 8GB to 64GB, and from a variety of brands including HPE and Samsung.

Sell a wide variety of laptops and PCs including HPI, Dell and Lenovo and their components.

Remove used or unwanted laptop RAM from a wide variety of brands including HPI and Dell.

Sell used desktop RAM at great prices. We accept a range of capacities, models and DDR types.

We accept solid state drives, hard drives, optical drives, MSA controllers and more.

Sell your unwanted switches and routers from a range of brands including Cisco, Nexus and HPE.

Remove unwanted phones including iPhones, Google and Samsung devices.

Hassle-free IT purchasing proces with secure data erasure

As we deal directly with you and the equipment we buy is stocked directly into our warehouses, this process cuts out the middle man, so you can be sure to get the best prices for your used equipment. With state-of-the-art data erasure technology from White Canyon and Blancco, we ensure that 100% of your data is deleted and provide full certification to support the data erasure of each device.

Quick and simple purchasing process

Tell us what you want to sell

We make you an offer within 24 hours

We securely erase all data

We pay you directly and quickly

The environmentally friendly way to dispose of your unwanted IT equipment

By selling your used IT hardware to us, you will help support a more sustainable environment. When it is necessary to dispose of your decommissioned IT equipment, we will do so in an environmentally friendly manner that is fully compliant with the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.

Why sell your used IT parts to us? 

Competitive pricing

We offer the best prices in exchange for your used IT equipment

Wide variety

We buy IT parts from over 150 brands including HP, Dell, IBM, Intel and Cisco

Quick response times

Get a quote for your unwanted IT equipment within just 24 hours

Peace of mind

We use State-of-the-art WipeDrive data erasure technology

Environmentally friendly

Make money on your unwanted IT parts and protect the environment!

If you would prefer a redeemable trade in value in exchange for your goods, then please visit our Trade In page for more information. In addition to the physical destruction of IT parts, we also offer data erasure services. For more information, please visit our Data Erasurepage.