Why Selling to us is Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Everybody wants to do the right thing, especially when it comes to the environment. However, with the amount of sensitive data written onto storage devices, IT asset managers have real concerns about how secure reuse is.

According to a recent survey by the IT Asset Management (ITAM) Review, security was the top concern of managers looking to dispose of storage devices. Overall, the issue rated 4.97 out of 5. Whilst environmental concerns rated highly (3.58 out of 5), the determination to allow equipment to be used again was over ridden by worries about the organisation’s data falling into the wrong hands. So much so that respondents often went to unnecessary lengths to destroy perfectly useable hard disk drives, SSDs and tape storage.

Data wiping is the recommended industry standard according to a wide range of organisations that hold particularly sensitive data. These include the NHS, custodians of the UK’s health records, and security bodies such as the USA Department of Defence. Yet over a quarter of those surveyed for the ITAM Review still shredded, crushed or manually destroyed their storage devices. Of the 37% who wiped, 36% went on to physically destroy afterwards, which means just under a quarter of HDDs, SSDs are available for safe secondary use.

This is a crying shame when you think about the energy and materials used to produce those components, and even more so when you consider what else is wasted when you throw storage devices away. Security concerns often prompt organisations to recycle (or even worse, pay to have recycled) their entire IT infrastructure, meaning thousands of servers, storage and networking components could be destroyed way before their end of life.

Selling to a reputable second life provider like us avoids this wastage. Techbuyer offers a cash return on old equipment, restores to factory conditions, data wipes to military standard, exhaustively performance tests, and puts everything back into productive use with another organisation. The software we use has been tested, approved and recommended by over 15 of the world’s governing bodies and is certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to HMG InfoSec Standard No:5. What is more, our systems have been assessed for quality and a strong commitment to environmentally friendly processes giving us ISO9001 and 14001 certification. We follow ISO27001 processes and procedures and are expected to be certified in October 2018.

We understand that for many organisations, data is their most precious and best protected resource, and we pride ourselves in being able to safeguard this for them. Secure data erasure is one of the cornerstones of our business both as a global refurbishment specialist and as a data wiping service provider. With security protocols in place from asset collection through to certified data destruction, we ensure our customers information is protected at every stage. Our customers’ reputation is our reputation, and we are not about to jeopardise it.

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