Professional Data Centre Decommissioning Service

We can help you with your entire
decommissioning process!

With over 18 years of experience managing the entire life cycle of IT equipment, our team provides a secure, professional and effective IT decommissioning process. Whether you require auditing, migration or installation, every service will be carried out to your exact specifications.

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Why choose Techbuyer?

Take the headache out of decommissioning by working with our team. We have a flexible approach and always provide personalised IT advice
that meets your specific requirements. In other words, tell us what you need, and we'll handle the rest.

Meet your specific IT requirements

With personalised advice from our IT specialists, from auditing right through to replacing hardware

data security

To guarantee compliance with the latest GDPR regulations and protect your reputation

Over 18 years of

Decommissioning, refurbishing and selling IT hardware to maximise IT budgets

ADISA Certified

Guaranteeing the highest level of security for your IT hardware, data and organisation

Secure chain
of transport

To our engineering facilities with 24/7 CCTV and security vetted staff

The sustainable

With over 99% of used IT hardware refurbished and resold, and the remainder ethically recycled

Professional Data Centre Decommissioning Service

We know that every data centre and IT environment is different, and therefore handle a range of IT hardware. Whatever IT equipment you need removing, we’ll take care of every step of the process. Just let us know what you have, and we will be happy to provide the best prices in exchange for your used IT equipment to offset the cost of decommissioning.


Including rack, blade and tower servers and their supporting infrastructure.

Storage equipment

Including HDDs, SSDs, MSAs, and backup drives.

Supporting infrastructure

Including 42U racks, cabling, PDUs, UPSs, and rackmounts.

Networking equipment

Including switches, routers, and firewalls.

Our decommissioning process

Logistics planning

Firstly, we will discuss your data centre in detail, for instance building access, location, and the exact equipment that you would like to remove (brand, age, model numbers, photographs). Our experts can then begin the decommissioning service. We will also arrange any specialist measures if required, such as raising the floor access or using stair climbers in order to remove large items like server racks.

Planning downtime

If system downtime is required for your decommissioning project, we will help your organisation to effectively power down and then get operations running again as quickly as possible. We can provide any risk assessments or methods needed.

Professional removals

We are skilled at removing electrical connections including AC and DC power, networking, and temporary power supplies, and always safely disconnect all data centre hardware. If contractors are required to remove complicated batteries or systems, we can also arrange this for you.

Excellent data protection

Data protection is the most important part of any decommissioning project. We guarantee the protection of client data at every step of the process with our secure chain of transport custody, data erasure and documentation in order to meet the latest GDPR regulations. When you work with Techbuyer, every one of your decommissioned IT parts are registered and tracked, 100% of data is securely erased using Blancco and White Canyon software, and every IT asset is either reused or ethically recycled.

Industry-leading security

Techbuyer was the fastest company to achieve the ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance) accreditation; the highest ITAD security standard in the country. This is the highest security standard for IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) organisations, who are responsible for removing and securely processing used IT hardware.

ADISA is included within the National Cyber Security Centre’s guide to IT asset disposal, meaning it is considered best practice in the UK, and involves regular audits to ensure we’re always upholding the highest standards. We’re proud to be an ADISA accredited company and will always process your IT assets safely and confidentially.

Manage your entire IT life cycle

Once you have decommissioned your IT equipment, the story doesn’t end there. We know that data centre equipment needs upgrading, repairing and eventually replacing as the years go by and that IT requirements change. That’s why our team of IT specialists are well trained in advising on the best solutions for your business. We provide a wide range of configurations, upgrades, and replacements to maximise the efficiency and uptime of your organisation.

Upgrade existing IT equipment

Rather than replacing your entire system for a performance boost, why not carry out component upgrades? We provide new and refurbished options, all with a three year warranty.

Quality IT repairs

We can fix your existing IT equipment when repairs are needed. From CPU repairs to fixing damaged servers, our team have years of experience getting technology working as good as new.

Buy new or refurbished
IT equipment

We stock over £10 million worth of IT hardware, with our refurbished solutions performing as well as new. Every IT system and component we sell comes with a three year warranty for complete peace of mind.

IT hardware

Our flexible IT rentals service enables you to choose IT hardware for short-term or long-term contracts. You can also choose the payment frequency that suits your business best.


Want to design servers that meet your exact IT requirements? Our server specialists can quote, configure and test solutions as part of our free Configure to Order service.