Advance the power, potential and performance of your networking solution using HPE Aruba technology. HPE Aruba Networking delivers market-leading solutions, creating high-security, performance-driven systems that are both scalable and flexible.  

Techbuyer, as an HPE partner, can help you design, implement and maintain an advanced HPE Aruba Networking system that meets all of your needs without compromise.  

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Aruba Partner and Reseller
Aruba Partner and Reseller

Why Techbuyer for HPE Aruba Networking?

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Find the Right Solution

As an official HPE Aruba Networking Business Partner, Techbuyer can help you find the right switches, access points and network management solutions for your organisation.

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An Expert Team

Our expert team is highly trained in HPE Aruba Networking technology to deliver bespoke systems and innovative solutions for the development of your infrastructure.

Why HPE Aruba Networking?

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Controllerless Access Points which can eliminate hardware and maintenance expenses, but also integrate all critical components for ease of management.



Accommodates a range of device and traffic types, including data, voice, and video, and is tested for worry-free operation to help keep businesses online and productive.



Incorporates advanced secure technology, such as built-in firewall, web security and wireless intrusion detection and prevention.



Flexible cloud subscription option without a server to maintain, and always up-to-date software.

Future Proof

Future Proof

Flexible architecture provides investment protection as your business grows.

What we do

Aruba - InstantOn Access Points

HPE Aruba Networking Access Points

For small businesses, it is challenging to keep up with new and emerging technology; HPE Aruba Networking InstantOn is designed with small businesses in mind, providing a purpose-built solution to keep small businesses on the go.

HPE Aruba Networking InstantOn Access Points (APs) are easy to deploy and manage and are extremely cost effective.

Aruba - Switching Solutions

HPE Aruba Networking CX 10000 Switch Series

With wireless networks now hitting gigabit speed, switches must be able to keep up with the performance needs of new devices and applications.

HPE Aruba Networking CX 10000 switches provide scalability, robust security, reliability, stacking capabilities and ease of use for the edge, office, and SMB deployments.

Aruba - Instant Access Points (IAPs)s

EdgeConnect SD-WAN 

Enhance the security and connectivity of your networking solution with HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect SD-WAN. 

Securing your network and maintaining a strong connectivity is essential for your business functions. With HPE Auba Networking EdgeConnect SD-WAN, you can protect your network whilst also ensuring connectivity. 

HPE Aruba Central Access

HPE Aruba Central provides a cloud-based management system for your networking solution. This system allows for management of wired and wireless switches and simplified maintenance.

Offering AI-powered insights, unified management and heightened security, HPE Aruba Central advances your networking systems.

Simplified Network Management

  • Centralised management for wired, wireless, and WAN networks. 
  • Intuitive dashboards and interface for configuration and monitoring. 
  • Scalability allowing for easy expansion as network needs grow.   

Enhanced Visibility and Analytics

  • Provides visibility into network performance, user behaviour, and application usage.
  • Utilises AI to offer predictive insights and recommendations for network optimisation.
  • Continuous monitoring of network health for quick issue detection and resolution.

Operational Efficiency

  • Automation of routine network tasks such as provisioning and configuration updates.
  • Simplified updates across all network devices from a single platform.
  • Efficient use of resources through traffic management and load balancing.

The Difference in HPE Aruba Enterprise Network Switches

Three ways you will experience a smarter, faster way to build and manage networks with Aruba:

A Single OS for Simplicity

A Single OS for Simplicity

Provides a consistent operator experience, simplify network design, and unify management by giving IT the flexibility required to deploy the same hardware and software, from edge access to data centre.

Automation to Improve Efficiency

Automation to Improve Efficiency

Designed to combine highly-efficient compute power with power and performance, automation allows for simplified management to boost performance. 

Faster Troubleshooting

Faster Troubleshooting

Real-time, network-wide visibility with HPE Aruba Network Analytics Engine (NAE) allowing you to troubleshoot and resolve issues before users and business are impacted.

Contact Our Team About HPE Aruba

Contact our team of experts today to create a networking solution that meets your needs without compromise. 

Techbuyer is an official HPE partner - this means that we can provide expert advice, competative pricing and innovative solutions for your HPE Aruba Networking solution. Contact our team to find out more about creating a bespoke solution for your business.