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Do you want to put a sustainable twist on your career? Techbuyer is looking for vibrant, hard-working and open-minded individuals to join the ever-growing team!

Founded in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in 2005, we have grown from our humble beginnings as a two-man operation to an organisation with over 325 employees and multiple warehouse facilities worldwide. Throughout this, we haven’t lost our character, and we pride ourselves on our friendly, dynamic culture.

As a company, we are continuously reinventing and bettering ourselves to support our customers and create quality jobs. From making our own management system and keeping track of our global inventory, to starting our own Techbuyer Training Academy, no venture is too small. We have an open, curious culture where everyone —from Sales and Marketing to Goods In and Purchasing —works together, and everybody’s ideas are valued. 

Just some of what we have achieved includes being honoured with a Queen’s Award for International Trade 2020, being named as one of the top 100 fastest growing tech companies in the North two years running, and – our personal favourite – winning third best dressed bed at the 2022 Great Knaresborough Bed Race!

Current Openings

From our seven world-class facilities in key locations including the UK, France, Germany, USA, New Zealand and Australia, we’re looking for people to join our team who are as excited as we are to shape the IT hardware industry.

Send us your CV!

If you think you can bring something unique to the table but don’t see what you’re looking for, please let us know how you stand out from the crowd. Our departments consist of Sales, Purchasing, Finance, HR, Marketing, IT and Operations including Goods In, Goods Out, Stock Control and Test.

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Meet some of the Team

Marcus Lowe - Sales and Service Delivery Manager

I came straight from school to Techbuyer. I was 16 and had just finished my GCSEs. I hadn’t had any jobs previous to compare it too, but it felt pretty relaxed. With such a small group of people (when I joined) we had our own way of doing things – it was all hard work but fun.

A life of servers is all I’ve ever known!

Grace Stanford - UK Operations Executive

I’d never worked in an office before and presumed they were boring… but not this one! There’s a tradition on your first day to make up your office chair as quickly as possible. I didn’t manage to get one of the chair's arms on so I am officially the only person who never completed the initiation. I have an embarrassing ‘did not finish’ next to my name on the wall. I call it my open-plan chair…

Rory Henshelwood - UK Operations Manager

When I came in for my interview, there was a friendly relaxed atmosphere, but it felt like the entire company wanted to achieve something.

I saw people getting things done, clearly motivated to do what they do which only happens if you are both happy and valued.

Chris Pooley - NZ Sales Director - APAC Region

I’ve loved all the opportunities to travel and have visited Vegas, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Budapest and Riga. More recently I loved planning to move to New Zealand and all the organising involved in that. Honestly though, the people I work with are awesome so I enjoy coming to work every day.

Our Departments


At Techbuyer we deliver far more than just a great price, and our sales team always puts the customer at the heart of everything they do.  As a new and refurbished IT reseller, this department also has an in-depth understanding of everything that goes in and out of our doors.  

It takes more than just inborn talent to become a selling sensation – if you want to develop yourself and learn more, this is the place for you. Time is the most valuable resource salespeople have at their disposal and something you should never waste…so don’t waste another second and get in touch! 


Buying several million pounds worth of IT stock per month, our Purchasing team conducts research on potential products, vendors, and services, and compares prices and quality to ensure the best deal. 

What is unique about working at Techbuyer is our range of products. With over 225,000 IT parts in stock globally including servers, hard drives, server memory, PCs, laptops and other client technologies, understanding what to focus on and when is crucial. To help, all our employees have extensive training in our warehouse and can benefit from the advice of our knowledgeable team. 


Techbuyer’s Marketing team are responsible for the content that you see across our social media, on our emails, the website, brochures and more. We launch global campaigns across all of our facilities and produce creative ideas and assets to enhance our brand. If being part of a vibrant team full of creativity and a give-it-a-go attitude sounds like something you’d enjoy, find out the roles we have available by getting in touch!  

Sales Support

From universities to secondary schools, and small offices to global organisations, our sales support team helps a wide variety of customers with their queries every day. They also find and report on logistics and ETAs, check and enter orders into our system, qualify details with customers and process payments over the phone. Regularly processing over 200 orders a day, it’s safe to say that we would grind to a halt without them! 


There are a variety of Goods In, Goods Out and technical roles at Techbuyer, including securely data erasing hardware, testing and refurbished used IT components, configuring industry leading servers from HPE and Dell, and packaging and cleaning all orders for quick shipping.   

There’s always a lot of activity as we often have a quick stock turnaround - but no matter how busy it gets you’ll always find a lot of training, support and a competitive pool game or two. 


The IT department in our organisation is responsible for the architecture, hardware, software and networking of computers across all of our global offices. As a company which operates to the highest industry standards for security, we have a number of professionals with us who are furthering their careers with ADISA certifications and COMPTIA A+ certifications. You can read more about this here. If you are hard-working, friendly and up for working as part of a highly technical team, this department is for you. 


We run a very efficient human resources department which provides our organisation with structure and the ability to meet business needs through managing our company's most valuable resources – its employees. Our HR department manages recruitment and selection, training and development, health and safety, performance management, succession planning, compensation and benefits, compliance and legal.