CCS Approved Supplier


Techbuyer is a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) approved supplier for the Technology Products and Associated Services 2 (TePAS2) [RM6098] Tender.

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As a CCS approved supplier we can supply public sector organisations with high-quality IT solutions designed specifically for your workload, budget and business structure.

We work with the buyers on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) TePAS2 framework to deliver quality solutions that have high social value and enable them to support their own sustainable ambitions.


Techbuyer’s Social Value Statement

Our social value model is underpinned by three key areas: sustainability, building community relationships and opportunities, and being an ethical employer.


Techbuyer’s Carbon Reduction Plan

Techbuyer has pledged to become a Net Zero organisation, across all three carbon scopes, by 2050. We have set an interim target of achieving a 42% reduction by 2030.

Interested in learning more about Techbuyer’s social value status? Visit our Sustainability Case Studies page to find out more about the work we do with charities and sustainability organisations.

Technology Products and Associated Services 2 Lots We Cover

The TePAS2 framework is available to all public sector organisations and provides buyers with a simple, flexible and compliant way to buy technology products and associated services including end user devices, technology infrastructure and software. Techbuyer can help supply you with solutions for the following lots within the tender:

Public Sector IT Solutions for Your Business


New and Refurbished Hardware

High-quality technology designed around your unique needs.


IT Asset Disposition

Secure and sustainable IT asset disposal for all hardware.


Server Configuration

Server technology centred around your budget and workloads.


IT Performance Analysis

Performance health checks on your current IT infrastructure.


IT System Consultancy and Design

Full systems designed around your business goals and development.


Component Level Upgrades

Boosted performance of current devices with upgraded components.


Software Solutions

Industry-leading software to bolster performance and efficiency.


Certified Data Erasure

Guaranteed erasure for all data bearing devices and components.

When and Why to Choose Refurbished

Not sure when refurbished is the right choice for you? Read our articles below for advice and guidance on when and why to choose refurbished for your organisation:


When to Choose Refurbished?

Understanding where refurbished product can fit into your IT estate as well as how to cascade assets, replace and upgrade components, allows you to maximise your overall budget and reduce the environmental impact of your IT infrastructure.


Why to Choose Refurbished?

Second hand technology provides a cost-effective and environmentally conscious alternative that is gaining popularity among both consumers and IT professionals.

Sustainable IT Solutions for the Public Sector

Techbuyer is a sustainable IT solutions provider, combining high-performance technology with environmental best practice. This means that you get the best possible solution across all metrics – performance, price, reliability, social value and sustainability.

Energy Efficient Solutions for Every IT Decision

IT Lifespan Extension Services

Reduced Environmental Impact from Redundant IT Equipment

Hear What Others Have Said…

Aneurin Bevan

To ensure that their mobile devices were effectively meeting user needs, the Health Board decided to perform a device refresh. In need of a suitable IT disposal service, they approached Techbuyer.

Gamma Communications

Gamma Communications needed to securely remove their IT devices and have every asset data erased for peace of mind. We worked with Gamma to securely collect over 1,000 assets across the country.

Unikie Group

Techbuyer worked closely with Unikie Group’s Technical Lead to deliver a large number of refurbished HPE ProLiant Gen8 servers as well as 35 HPE Gen8 blades. These were installed at the company’s two data centres in Tampere and Oulu, Finland.

High-performance IT Solutions for the Public Sector

Create an IT solution that meets all your priorities without compromise!

We can support you with everything from procurement and maintenance, to refresh and disposal, we deliver IT services that expand the sustainable choices available to you.

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