Former Strong Man Turns Green in the Fight Against Climate Change

The technology industry is currently one of the major players contributing to the growing problem of e-waste and climate change globally. Techbuyer’s group IT Director, Rich Kenny, has been featured in TechBlast for his dedication to combatting climate change in the data centre industry. 

Rich states that, it’s generally agreed that the digital sector is responsible for around 4% of global carbon emissions and 25% of that comes from data centres. That’s growing year-on-year when everything else, like aviation, is predicted to decrease.’ 

The article draws on Rich’s past as a former MMA fighter and strong man, highlighting his determination to exceed in everything he turns his attention to, including combatting climate change.  

Interact, Techbuyer’s sister company, launched in 2021, of which Rich Kenny is MD. Interact provides a machine-learning, SaS analysis tool (by the same name) that is used to enhance the performance of data centres globally. The Interact tool also identifies where IT infrastructure can be upgraded or replaced within a server estate to cut energy wastage and carbon production and save money for the organisation.  

With this in mind, innovative tools such as Interact will become increasingly important for the reduction of carbon production within the IT industry.  

Key Points:

  • Rich states that, ‘within data centres there are horrifically inefficient systems in place. It’s a very risk-averse sector. They are scared of change because they can’t afford downtime.’ It is this mindset that Rich and the Interact team are looking to change by demonstrating the extensive impact that infrastructure upgrades can have on data centre organisations.  
  • With over 100 proofs of concept, as well as years of research supporting the business, Interact is proven to result in an average of 8,300,000 kWh of energy over 5 years. This is the equivalent to the energy produced by 2,862 houses in a whole year!  
  • If every data centre in the world (currently over 7.2 million) used a software like Interact, the carbon emissions being produced by the sector could potentially be cut by 50%. 

TechBlast is a website and content producer focused on offering advice, news and information on the technology sector and building business through IT.  

Read the full article on the TechBlast website here.  

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