Three Ways to Spring Clean your Enterprise IT

Spring is in the air and what better time to clean up your IT and make a fresh start.

If you’re thinking of a spring refresh, here are some best practices to help you spring clean and organise your organisation’s IT:

Re-evaluate your Server Environment

Many organisations work on the premise that if their hardware is still working, there’s no need to improve it. However, this is not an advisable approach. Whether it’s a computer, a server, or an essential application, neglecting updates and refreshes can be detrimental for the business.

After only a few years, hardware starts to slow down and certain capabilities decrease, meaning your organisation may see a substantial increase in hardware servicing costs as well as less efficient performance.

Manufacturers recommend server refreshes every three to five years. However, testing, and evaluating the performance, undertaking necessary updates, should take place more frequently. 

Performing regular audits is one of the best ways to assess the efficiency and functionality of your overall server environment.

Even when the audit shows a drop in performance it doesn’t necessarily need to be removed from a critical environment altogether. There are many cost-effective options to upgrade your infrastructure without a complete overhaul.

What better time than Spring to kick-start this process?

Start as you mean to go on

With this new season, take the opportunity to review and refresh your organisation’s IT processes to ensure best practices:

  • Ensure operating systems are within current supported versions

Operating systems are generally only supported for a limited time before they are considered obsolete and are no longer updated. New versions of operating systems ensure improved usability, additional features, and an enhanced user experience. 

  • Implement effective backups

Downtime undeniably equates to lost revenue, ensuring resilient backup solutions is vital for the continuity of your business.

  • Assess your IT security measures

Consider whether you have the best available security solutions for your business in place, execute the most recent security updates, and ensure organisation-wide security awareness and vigilance through education and training.

  • Review your IT solutions

Use the expertise of experienced solutions architects who can assist your in-house IT team in finding the right solution for your business, from trusted and reputable IT providers.

Techbuyer has the knowledge and expertise to advise on upgrades, backup, and security solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Out with the old – or not?

Instead of ‘out with the old and in with the new’, consider reusing your redundant kit or donating it. Not only does this maximise your IT budget but it also helps the environment.

The most effective way for an organisation to keep its carbon footprint down is to extend the life of existing hardware.

Options to extend the life of your redundant IT infrastructure:

  • Cascade assets in-house – there are many uses for your redundant hardware such as for backup and DR
  • Sell to the secondary market via ITAD
  • Help bridge the digital divide by donating to technology re-use schemes to help make refurbished computers accessible to all.

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