In the Press: Beyond Carbon-Neutral and Carbon-Free Energy Targets

Nour Rteil, Lead Application Developer at Techbuyer and Lead Researcher and Developer at Interact, has had an article featured in Intelligent Data Centres. Nour’s most recent co-authored study has been published by the IEEE, carrying out groundbreaking research into the performance of servers.  

Nour is also the Lead Researcher and Developer at Interact and has recently been shortlisted in the 2021 Women in Tech Awards. Nour developed the Interact tool as part of her KTP project, and is working on further research in this field, so she is an expert in server efficiency and researching technologies that impact energy consumption in data centers. 

The article begins by discussing the current state of play, which is that many data centres are offsetting their carbon footprints by purchasing renewable energy credits. Some data centres are aiming to rely solely on renewable energy sources, both in their on-site operations and value chain. The article then discusses why data centres must look to reduce their carbon impact on the environment and why they must improve their energy use/efficiency.  

Intelligent Data Centres is an online platform offering industry news and updates, as well as interesting articles, for the data centre sector. The organisation aims its content at readers in the enterprise technology sector.  

Key points: 

  • There are limits to the green energy revolution and why data centres need to be mindful of their energy consumption and waste. 
  • Data centres are optimising their overall energy use through servers. 
  • How machine learning can help data centres realise the energy efficiency of each server. 
  • The article discusses why data centres must be vigilant about their materials selection and use for a more carbon neutral business model.  
  • Additional transparency, accountability, and consistent efforts are required from all data centres to achieve circularity and improve energy efficiency.  


Read the full article here.  

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