A Decade with Techbuyer: In Conversation with Josh Kidd, Group Sales Director

Investing in people is a hallmark of the Techbuyer approach. From the very beginning we have stood firm on the idea of bringing in young, inexperienced people who want to work hard and progress; training them in the “Techbuyer way.” 

With a long-term investment and training approach individuals and teams are given the support to make autonomous decisions. This has developed a culture where people choose to stay with the business over the long-term. It is this commitment and drive from our employees that helps separate Techbuyer from its competitors 

Ten years ago, Josh Kidd, now Group Sales Director started at Techbuyer as a young Sales Executive; with a desire to work hard and learn everything he could.  

With all the changes to both the industry and our business in the last decade we were keen to get his insights on just how things have changed. So, we recently sat down with Josh to pick his brain on the changes he’s seen and to hear his views on the future at Techbuyer! 


What has changed in the IT industry in the past 10 years? 

The IT industry is so vast, and there has been a lot of change in the past 10 years. 

Firstly, I think there has been a big shift towards sustainability. Many businesses are actively seeking ways to be more sustainable. People are increasingly looking to make the most of their IT budgets.  

The IT industry keeps growing and there is an ever evolving opportunity for innovation. 4-5 years ago, we saw a lot of migration towards cloud but in the last few years more people are wanting to do their own thing again. 

Working in the IT industry is unique, the technology is constantly updating and there is a lot to learn on a continuous basis which makes it really interesting!  


How has Techbuyer evolved in the last decade? 

Absolutely everything has changed. In the very beginning, it was all hands-on deck – we all did everything and anything that was required! Looking back on it, I think it’s great that the people I started with have all evolved in their own ways to do really amazing things within the company. 

As Techbuyer has grown, there’s been a massive growth in headcount. It has been fantastic to watch people personally grow whilst playing crucial roles in helping the company to evolve and become hugely successful.  

I think we’ve got a really good team which has definitely helped the business to go from strength-to-strength over the last decade.  

Systems and processes have of course developed over the years as well. We’ve got staff who are incredibly skilled at what they do, and this enabled us to develop the services and support that we now offer to all our customers.  

Overall, we’ve brought in a lot of great people who are really knowledgeable. On a global basis, it’s very rewarding and enjoyable to work different people from around the world.  


How have you played a part in Techbuyer’s global growth?  

I have worked hard to build my skills and knowledge; I did not come from an IT background and had not managed previously. Naturally curious, I always seek to understand things by asking a lot of questions. In management, I think it’s important to support staff and let people flourish in their roles. 

The company empowers people by letting them have the scope to try and to do new things. At Techbuyer, I like that we have an open, curious culture where everyone, regardless of what department they work in, works together. I’m proud that we truly value everybody’s ideas no matter what position they are in. To grow Techbuyer to where it is today has been entirely a team effort.  


We also reached out to Mick Payne, MD of Techbuyer to get his thoughts on this, here’s what he had to say about the role Josh has played in Techbuyer’s growth over the last 10 years:  

“By applying himself and being super interested in his work, Josh has become an expert in the products the company sells. He can therefore help all of sales, operations and purchasing at the appropriate times, he is very well rounded on the fundamentals that make the company tick. Also, he has shown countless times he is not afraid to get his hands dirty (it wasn’t really optional many moons back) and therefore has been a positive impression on younger, newer members of his team especially, and I am sure others further afield.” 


What does Techbuyer’s global expansion mean for our customers?  

As a global business, it is important that our customers deal with someone who understands them and their culture and can speak to them in their own language.  

A core belief here at Techbuyer is that we love to make things easier for all our customers.  

With a global presence, we are able to help customers with all of their IT needs in their home language. For instance, our German office is fluent in 5 different languages! Providing our customers access to this diversity is really important.   

And finally, the fact that we have stock around the world enables us to help customers meet their mission critical deadlines as we’ve got the resources to ensure customers get their hardware as quickly as possible, no matter where they are in the world.  


What’s been your favourite memory at Techbuyer so far? 

It is difficult to choose just one because there’s been so many great memories along the way!  

When I reflect on the past 10 years, I would say there has been a culmination of lots of little memories. I have enjoyed numerous wins along the way that have contributed to Techbuyer’s growth and evolution and working with an excellent team has played a major role in those wins. 


Marcus Lowe, Sales & Service Delivery Manager, has worked alongside Josh all these years, so who better to provide a favourite memory or two!  

“Josh always enjoyed pulling pranks back in the early days, but let’s just say we got him back and it involved £30 worth of tin foil and Josh’s desk! We’ve all grown up together over the years and Josh has played a massive role in influencing the positive culture that we have here at Techbuyer.” 

We think it’s safe to say it has been a decade full of transformation and growth for both Josh and for Techbuyer!  

Techbuyer is evolving quickly but will continue to think and operate based on long-term sustainability and growth. The company is spearheading innovation in the industry and investing in its own home-grown leadership team – as well as bringing in industry professionals, with similar cultural mindsets, to aid development and growth. 

There will always be challenges ahead, but as a business the approach remains truly optimistic and focused on our ability to continue to adapt and prosper - this is down to the fabulous team that has been cultivated across all roles and locations. 

We look forward to seeing what the next decade has in store... 


Values Driven Success

In a recent podcast our founder and CEO, Kevin Towers, talks about how Techbuyer started, how exactly the company got to where it is now and what the future looks like for the sustainable technology industry. Our people-centric view has always been a cornerstone of our business’s success and development; we want to help our employees to become their best selves, we recognise passion, we promote teamwork, fairness and honesty, and we offer support for continuous development.

As Kev says: “There is no point in having huge growth if you do not have a happy team because at some point the wheels fall off. I very much, personally, look to make sure that we have a happy team in place that fuels growth.”

Caring for and building excellent relationships with our employees has paved the way for our growth. Listen to the full podcast here. 


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