We provide the best trade in value for your used IT hardware!

Trade in your used servers, HDDs, CPUs, server memory and other IT parts to us and receive a redeemable trade in value in exchange. This can be used with any future Techbuyer purchases, allowing you to make significant savings on our full range of data centre equipment. As we deal directly with sellers and the IT equipment we buy is stocked directly into our warehouse; this cuts out the middle man and ensures we provide the best possible prices for your unwanted equipment.

Sell your IT hardware, we buy:


Including rack, blade and tower server models. We accept a variety of brands including HPE, Dell and IBM.

Server Memory

Ranging from DDR3 to DDR4, from 4GB to 128GB, and from a variety of brands including HPE, Hynix, Micron and Samsung.

Storage and Networking

We accept solid state drives, hard drives, optical drives, MSA controllers and more.

Laptops and PCs

Sell a wide variety of laptops and PCs including HP, Dell and Lenovo and their components.


Remove unwanted phones including iPhones, Google and Samsung devices.

Server Parts

Sell server memory, HDDs, SSDs, CPUs and more, with great prices available.

Fast and easy process:

Tell us what you want to sell

We make you an offer within 24 hours

We securely erase all data

You receive a redeemable trade in value

Environmentally friendly IT recycling

By trading in your used IT hardware to us, you are helping to breathe new life into IT equipment that would otherwise be sent to landfill. When it is necessary to dispose of your decommissioned IT equipment, we will do so in a way that is friendly to the environment and is also in complete compliance with the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.

If you would prefer a monetary sum in exchange for your goods, then please visit our Sell To Us  page for more information. We also offer data erasure services as well as the physical destruction of IT parts as separate options if required. For more information, please visit our Data Erasure  page.

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