Yorkshire Aid Convoy

On March 7th, alongside Reusing IT, Techbuyer founder and Chairman, Kev Towers, is joining the Yorkshire Aid Convoy team to deliver over 2000 computers to help the thousands of children of Ukraine back into education. 

Since February 2022, over 3,790 educational facilities have been damaged or destroyed, severely interrupting access to education for millions of children. 

This delivery of computers will take the total donated by Reusing IT, Techbuyer and Yorkshire Aid Convoy to nearly 5000 since the start of the war. 

The March convoy will be made up of 14 volunteers, driving 7 trucks over 4,000km. Techbuyer has been a longtime supporter of the convoy so was delighted to be given the opportunity to take part and be able to see firsthand where the computers will be going and who they will be helping. 

Yorkshire Aid Convoy having been delivering humanitarian aid to those who need it most for over 20 years with this being the 8th convoy since the Russian invasion, now totaling nearly 60 trucks of aid. 

As you can imagine, this comes at huge financial cost, with trucks, fuel, ferries etc. costing tens of thousands. We are asking for anything you can donate to keep the wheels rolling and keep these amazing charities providing the much-needed assistance the children of Ukraine so desperately need. 

If you, or anybody you know would like to contribute, we’re accepting donations on our JustGiving page here. 

The Yorkshire Aid Convoy 

The Yorkshire Aid Convoy founder, Mark Murphy, has been delivering supplies to both Romania and Ukraine for over 20 years, delivering aid to those in need. The organisation, established in 2002, now provides humanitarian aid to those living in poverty and affected by war.  

They work to collect resources and materials from local businesses before journeying across and delivering the donations. 

Reusing IT and Techbuyer

Both Techbuyer and Reusing IT work to extend the lifespan of technology – Techbuyer has worked within the circular economy industry for over 20 years, refurbishing technology for further use and diverting e-waste from landfill. Reusing IT works to bridge the digital divide, delivering high-quality technology to those in need, and refurbishing IT hardware to fit the purpose.  

Techbuyer has been working with Yorkshire Aid for many years helping them provide under-privileged children & families with the kit they need to get online and get educated. 

If you would like to contribute to the Yorkshire Aid Convoy cause, Techbuyer is raising money via Just Giving here.