Techbuyer's Year in Review: Part Two

Techbuyer ITAD – helping more customers than ever before.  

 IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a core service provided by Techbuyer.  

ITAD allows companies to dispose of their used or excess IT equipment securely and in a sustainable manner, eliminating the risk of data leakages and minimising your impact on the environment.  

Our ITAD team has strengthened and developed in 2021. Despite the obstacles of Covid-19 and Brexit, the team, our facilities, and procedures have risen to the challenge of maintaining an exceptional service for our customers. This resulted in once again receiving the industry-leading ADISA accreditation. 

 Our ability to scale is increasingly important for many of our customers. So, whether you are looking to decommission an entire data centre, or a smaller scale IT disposal, our highly skilled and professionally accredited team can help you securely remove your used or excess technology and dispose of it in a compliant and ethical manner. 

Alan Fisher, Team Leader in our ITAD department, can offer some insight into the advancement of our ITAD team:  

“Over the last 9 months, we have securely processed 16,720 assets and counting, not including hard drives (we’ve got through just over 30,000 of those). The first week in October last year we tagged 345 assets, a single day in October 2021 saw us tag 322. The pace just keeps accelerating and the team keep growing and innovating, it’s a great ride to be on.” 

Even More choice for You - Introducing Techbuyer Enterprise Solutions 

Despite the challenges that a changing global economy and marketplace have had on the supply and purchasing of new technology, at Techbuyer, we recognise that many of our customers will always have a requirement for new or hybrid IT solutions.  

In response to customer demand, 2021 also saw the introduction of Techbuyer Enterprise Solutions which combines the best-in-breed IT solutions, outstanding technical expertise, alongside our commitment to sustainability. 

Our ability to supply both new solutions, working with the world’s leading vendors, and fully refurbished systems, places Techbuyer in a unique position in the industry. Techbuyer is the only supplier of the full IT life cycle - designing, deploying, and supporting, from edge to cloud.  

With our customer-first approach, strong relationships with market-leading vendors and exceptional technical expertise, Techbuyer Enterprise Solutions works with your IT team to design and implement solutions tailored to your individual business requirements. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and we have the ability to support your company with eco-friendly IT purchasing, disposal, and upgrade options.  

Techbuyer has a range of professional services and support functions to ensure all projects are delivered to the highest standards, on time and within budget. Our unique Structured Services approach ensures that you have a dedicated Technical Account Manager assigned to your project from concept to project sign-off and ongoing support.  

Techbuyer Enterprise Solutions provide unparalleled support to our customers. Find out more here. 

Enhanced Capabilities - introducing the Interact Performance Assessment & Ortial Services 

Our sister company, Interact, provides services alongside Techbuyer with a dedicated team bringing this innovative ‘performance enhancement’ tool to businesses where the management of data centres and estates is critical.  

Following our two-year research project with the University of East London, we developed Interact, our machine learning SaaS software tool designed to improve the efficiency of data centres through extensive reporting and science-backed analysis.  

Interact is a non-intrusive, vendor-neutral software tool that analyses and reports on the performance of your server estate. With impressive accuracy, Interact is able to monitor the running cost, energy consumption and carbon footprint of your data centre. With the reports generated, the tool then recommends IT hardware upgrades to cut your spending and save you money, as well as improve your carbon footprint and reduce the energy currently being wasted.  

The Interact tool is a powerful asset in the Techbuyer group, helping our customers increase efficiency, save money, and reach their sustainability goals by being more efficient with their technology! 


Ortial, a Techbuyer sister company, offers components for boosted performance in your device, including RAM and SSDs. 

Component level upgrades offer a powerful way to sustainably upgrade your existing hardware. By updating modules within your equipment, you are able to extend the lifespan of your device and prevent valuable IT hardware from ending up in landfill before its time.  

A key partnership with KIOXIA, suppliers of SSD and memory products, over the course of 2021 has helped Ortial meet the soaring demand for SSD and RAM component upgrades this year. 

The Ortial product range allows us to offer high quality and high performing component upgrades to make your devices last for longer. This is not only a sustainable option for your business, but it is also a cost-effective way to get the most out of your technology! 

The Year to come... 

2022 has come around quickly and we are ready and excited for the challenges and opportunities that this next year will present Techbuyer! We are looking forward to working with many more companies to help advance sustainability in IT and align ourselves with organisations that share our values and beliefs.  

We will continue to develop our services and features to constantly improve upon what we can offer our clients. We are excited to share everything we have coming up in 2022 and we can’t wait to jump into the new year with new and refreshed efforts to create a sustainable IT sector globally! 


Values Driven Success

In a recent podcast our founder and CEO, Kevin Towers, talks about how Techbuyer started, how exactly the company got to where it is now and what the future looks like for the sustainable technology industry. Our people-centric view has always been a cornerstone of our business’s success and development; we want to help our employees to become their best selves, we recognise passion, we promote teamwork, fairness and honesty, and we offer support for continuous development.

As Kev says: “There is no point in having huge growth if you do not have a happy team because at some point the wheels fall off. I very much, personally, look to make sure that we have a happy team in place that fuels growth.”

Caring for and building excellent relationships with our employees has paved the way for our growth. Listen to the full podcast here. 


Techbuyer Careers 

Techbuyer careers centre around People, Planet and Profit. We are committed to providing rewarding and meaningful careers that are geared towards the future. The four stories above are just a glimpse of what is possible at Techbuyer and what can be accomplished when people are given the freedom to define the direction of their careers.   

It is our goal to empower people, to solve problems, to challenge perceptions, to influence change. If Techbuyer sounds like somewhere you want to be, check out our careers page or email your CV to