Techbuyer’s Partnerships with Vendors Committed to Carbon Neutrality

It is no secret that our world is in danger; with current unsustainable practices, a linear economy based on a take-make-waste model, rising carbon emissions, and increasing temperatures, it is important for businesses to address their environmental impact.  

Technology companies are increasingly being held accountable for their share of the world’s carbon problem, and rightly so. Data centres are responsible for over 1% of our global energy usage, and direct emissions from electricity use, and other operations such as technology manufacturing, account for 0.3% of the global carbon emissions.  

As an IT company that offers sustainable IT solutions, Techbuyer has selected partners who not only offer market-leading edge to cloud IT solutions, but also have pledged to improve their environmental performance and reduce their carbon footprint. 

“We are proud of our partnerships with organisations committed to becoming carbon neutral and who strive to preserve and protect the planet for future generations,” says Steve Sexton, Managing Director of Techbuyer Enterprise Solutions. 

In this blog, we explore the initiatives undertaken by some of our key vendor partners to reduce carbon emissions.


Our Vendor Partners’ Commitment to Net Zero 


HPE is committed to becoming Net Zero across its entire value chain by 2040 to help to hold global average temperature within 1.5˚C of pre-industrial levels. HPE was the first IT company to value-chain emission-reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) as being in line with the carbon reduction trajectory of the Paris Climate Agreement.  

As part of its journey toward Net Zero, HPE has set a suite of ambitious intermediate carbon reduction targets to be achieved by 2030. These include a goal to cut 2020-level scope 1 and 2 emissions by 70% and scope 3 emissions by 42%, and a first-of-its-kind target to partner with manufacturing suppliers to guide them in setting their own science-based emissions reduction targets.  

HPE is committed to accelerating a zero-carbon future, from bringing new renewable sources to the grid to curbing energy and IT waste through innovative products, services, and business models. 

Techbuyer works with HPE to provide high-performance IT solutions as sustainably as possible to reduce the impact of your IT system on the environment. Find out more here.  


VMware became carbon neutral in 2018, two years ahead of its original goal. Additionally, the company is committed to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions for its operations and supply chain by 2030 based on approved science-based emission-reduction targets as part of its Environmental, Social and Governance strategy. 

Sustainability is integral to VMware’s values; the company has a legacy of enabling positive environmental impact through its technology solutions and it continues to facilitate decarbonisation of digital infrastructure across its customer ecosystem, operations, and value chain.  


Microsoft is committed to becoming carbon negative by 2030 and to remove from the environment all the carbon the company has emitted, either directly or by electrical consumption, since its founding in 1975, by 2050. While this is not Net Zero – it relies on extensive carbon removal schemes – it is a big step in the right direction, as the company also aims to reduce its emissions by 50% by 2030. 

Microsoft is also launching an initiative to help its suppliers and customers reduce their own carbon footprints and a new $1 billion climate innovation fund to accelerate the global development of carbon reduction, capture, and removal technologies.  


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