Techbuyer Wins Most Sustainable Organisation of the Year at the UK IT Industry Awards

The Techbuyer Group is leading on sustainability issues and helping shape a more sustainable mindset in the UK IT industry. 

This is as pertinent as ever in the wake of COP26. Techbuyer have been putting the work in to shift perceptions away from a “take-make-waste" society to a circular economy in which valuable resources are reused. The credibility of this work took centre stage as Techbuyer was presented with the award for Sustainable Organisation of the Year and was met with greater success as their sister company, Interact won the award for UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the 2021 UK IT Industry Awards.  

The UK IT Industry Awards set the performance benchmark in IT, recognising exceptional people, projects and technology innovation. Sponsored by the British Computing Society (BCS), the UK IT Industry Awards are the highest profile awards in the tech industry and are often referred to as the IT Oscars! 

Some of the UK’s largest and most well-known companies were in attendance at the event, many of which came away with awards and commendations. These business giants included IBM, HSBC, HMRC, and DVLA.  

Techbuyer was awarded the title of Sustainable Organisation of the Year. They impressed the judges with their commitment to a sustainable future for IT and how they have built their own sustainable business model to support it. They were able to tell a consistent 360 degree story that added sincerity and credibility to their already impressive credentials. Virtus Data Centres were highly commended by the judges in this category. 


Key Points: 

  • Techbuyer was awarded the Sustainable Organisation of the Year, along with our sister company, Interact who won the award for UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 
  • The UK IT Industry Awards are known affectionately as the “Oscars of IT” and celebrate organisational and individual excellence. They recognise those who are inspiring the next generation of IT professionals and helping to shape the future of IT, the industry and digital society. 

Read the full article here to learn more about the winners in this year's UK IT Industry Awards and why they were chosen by the judges. Find out more about Techbuyer's sustainability message and our work to help develop a circular IT economy here.