Helping Disadvantaged Pupils During the Covid-19 Pandemic – Digital Access for All: The Yorkshire Times

As remote learning has become the norm once again, children without access to internet bearing devices are at a major disadvantage. The Learning Foundation has just launched a new initiative of its successful program, Digital Access For All, in order to help children across the UK with their education. Techbuyer is proud to be partnering the Digital Access For All initiative with other select ADISA members.

The program is currently looking for more organisations to donate and/or support their work. Click here to find out more about Digital Access For All, or to register your interest to donate, please click here.

Key information:

  • Delivered through the ADISA Marketplace, DAFA will process corporate donations and facilitate large scale redistribution of grade A equipment for disadvantaged families across the UK.
  • Around 1.5 million school children have limited or no access to internet enabled devices at home. They are seeing their education suffer as a result.
  • Digital Access For All aims to level the digital playing field for children and young people across the UK.
  • “Donating companies can be assured of the highest level of integrity and standards, whilst being able to help directly in enabling disconnected children and families to get online,” – Paul Finnis, CEO of Learning Foundation and Digital Access for All.

If you are an education organisation looking for support, follow this link.

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