Benefits of the Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro from Microsoft has been a popular choice for professionals, creatives and students since the initial release of the Surface Pro Generation 1 release in 2013. The hybrid design, flexibility and impressive capabilities have made it an obvious choice for work and leisure purposes as each generation has been released.  

Every instalment in this series has been an advancement on the last, each providing flexibility and versatility whilst also providing powerful compute performance.  

Hybrid Design and Functionality of the Surface Pro Range 

One of the key aspects behind the Surface Pro, from its very first generation, is the hybrid design, placing this device in both the tablet and laptop categories. The Surface Pro range allows you to utilise the usability and functionality of a tablet, whilst supporting the powerful performance and features of a laptop. The Surface Pro can be swapped between tablet and laptop mode to fit the occasion and the task at hand!  

Because of this hybrid design, the Surface Pro is a compact and transportable device with more capabilities and performance than your average tablet. By simply slotting in the accompanying protective keyboard case, the Surface Pro intuitively transforms functionality, both software and hardware, into a laptop design. The Surface Pro, therefore, is a laptop with the size, shape and weight of an easily transported tablet.  

Advanced LTE Network 

The Advanced LTE Network of devices in the Surface Pro range allows the user to connect to the internet without the presence of a WIFI connection or ethernet cable. This feature is incredibly powerful for professionals and students on the move. The Advanced LTE Network allows for files to be uploaded and downloaded from the cloud, as well as full internet access, meaning that you can take information, both current saved files and the information you are yet to discover, anywhere.  

All-Day Battery Life 

Nobody wants to be tied down by cables or hunting for the nearest plug socket, and with the Surface Pro you don’t have to! The Surface Pro range boasts a fantastic battery life to keep you moving and free of plugs for as long as you need. Later devices in the range provide a battery life of up to 13.5 hours for complete freedom when out and about with your device.  

Compatibility of the Surface Pro Range 

The Surface Pro range is fully compatible with external storage options, extra peripherals and supported devices. For example, the Surface Pro 5 includes a micro SDX card reader to share files between devices and provide external storage. This makes the Surface Pro 5 an ideal option for photographers and videographers for easy transfer of files between camera and PC. The Surface Pro range is also fully compatible with the Surface pen, allowing the user to draw, annotate, sketch and write with ease through the touch-screen feature.  

Multi-Touch Screen Laptop 

The Surface Pro wouldn’t be much of a tablet if it didn’t support touch screen capabilities! However, the Surface Pro range does touchscreen better than most other devices on the market. With multi-touch capabilities, the Surface Pro is extremely responsive and user-friendly for high-quality photo-editing, written work, or design.  

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 

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