4 Reasons to Upgrade your Server Memory

Behind every high performing server there is server memory. RAM processes your server’s data from the hard drive to the CPU, which enables server tasks to be carried out. Increasing RAM with a server memory upgrade or by adding more memory means that more tasks can be completed and server performance is boosted. Here at Techbuyer we recognise the importance of server memory and have outlined the benefits of enhancing it.

1.    Upgrading server memory improves server performance

The effectiveness of your server memory determines the productivity of your entire server. Insufficient server memory can cause painful bottlenecking, meaning that your Central Processing Unit (CPU) is left waiting to complete tasks, which prevents your server from reaching its full potential.

Providing your system with an upgrade ensures it will have more RAM, which means that your server can handle more Virtual Machines (VMs) and distribute their loads more effectively, helping businesses to run more efficiently. Upgrades can also provide faster memory speed and higher bandwidth, resulting in faster data processing and minimising chance of bottlenecking.

2.    It’s cheaper than buying more servers

Upgrading your server memory is the perfect way to boost your system’s productivity and data processing speed without breaking the bank. Increasing the amount of RAM in your server is a cheaper alternative to buying new kit, since the rise of virtualisation technology means that you can experience improved performance from the same compute power and without adding more physical servers. This saves on space and minimises your carbon footprint since less hardware is needed. Virtualisation enables several operating systems to run at the same time on one machine, which reduces the overall operational cost by minimising power consumption.

Costs can be reduced even further by buying refurbished memory. At Techbuyer, we provide rigorously tested, refurbished data centre equipment which ensures you get the most out of your IT budget whilst experiencing the same great performance as new.

3.    Server memory upgrades are ideal when increasing workload

As technology becomes more demanding, and businesses upgrade to the latest software and largest database applications, it is essential to ensure your memory can support your system. Fast data processing, for instance, is crucial for getting the most out of a new model, since the last thing you want when implementing a system is crashing or slow load times. Running an e-commerce site, for instance, will require a large volume of data and you must ensure your memory can cope with unexpected spikes in website traffic. Upgrading or increasing the amount of server memory enables more applications to run at once and ensures maximum system uptime.

4.    It is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your infrastructure 

Finding the exact server memory for your particular workload and system is easy with Techbuyer. With our detailed product descriptions and five-star rated team for support, you can find compatible memory for your server first time. What’s more, we offer fast shipping and a three year warranty as standard, with lifetime warranty available, so you can have total peace of mind that your product will arrive quickly and in excellent condition.

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