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“I never had to chase for anything and got regular updates. Ease of use, good customer service and good value for what you get” 

Mobile Services Lead, Aneurin Bevan Health board

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Aneurin Bevan Health Board is located in South Wales and works as a training facility and a healthcare service for the region. They are one of 11 health organisations that make up NHS Wales. The Health Board has an extensive team of community nurses who travel around the area daily to treat patients. Because of this, it had invested in a large quantity of mobile devices, including iPads and tablets, to help staff access vital information quickly and easily when on the move. They also use the Welsh Community Care Information System (WCCIS) which provides their staff with the collaborative digital tools they need to work better together.  

To ensure that their mobile devices were effectively meeting the needs of the users, the Health Board decided to perform a device refresh. However, as a self-funded organisation reliant on donations, it was vital that the Aneurin Bevan Hospital maximised its IT budget during this process.  

Techbuyer's Solution

Aneurin Bevan IT managers approached Techbuyer to enquire about our IT disposal capabilities. Our ITAD team evaluated the assets that the hospital was looking to dispose of and offered a quote for its used equipment. This quote took everything into consideration, from the assets being collected to the incurred costs of the process.   

Once the quote was accepted, Techbuyer arranged secure transportation for their mobile devices to our facilities where they were asset tagged and data sanitised to remove any sensitive information. Following this process, we were able to provide the rebate value for the equipment to be used to further support Aneurin Bevan and the important work that it carries out.  

Unrivalled Customer Service

A representative from the hospital commended the speed and quality of the service our ITAD team provided. We provided regular updates to keep them informed as to exactly where the equipment was in the ITAD process. Over the last 12 months, we have issued 94% of initial asset reports within 3 working days. 

“I never had to chase for anything and got regular updates. Ease of use, good customer service and good value for what you get” 

Noticing that some items were locked and could not be refurbished for reuse, we worked with the Health Board to unlock them, sanitise data and ensure they achieved the full rebate value. We understood the importance of the value recovery and we did everything we could to achieve it. 

The More Sustainable Choice

In terms of sustainability and recycling, Wales isextremely forward thinking. Reflecting this,a key factor for Aneurin Bevan Hospital was finding a sustainable solution to technology disposal. Using an ITAD service is the most sustainable choice for thatas devices are data sanitised and refurbished rather than taken apart for recycling and therefore  Techbuyer’s ITAD service was the best fit for the disposal of the hospital’s mobile devices.  

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