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Data Centre Green Gains Generated Thanks to Techbuyer Research – Techerati

Nour Rteil, KTP Associate Developer Feb 10, 2021

Techbuyer Group’s new business, Interact, has enabled enterprise data centres to assess their existing IT infrastructure and make cost-effective, carbon reductive and energy efficient changes. This new business is fuelled by industry-leading research from Techbuyer and the University of East London, which has revealed the surprising performance merits of refurbished IT hardware.

Techerati discussed how these findings have helped data centres, which you can read in full here.

Article summary:

  • Techbuyer and the University of East London’s research was recently published by the IEEE, the prestigious computer science journal. The peer-reviewed, verified findings have revealed that the latest technologies are not always the most efficient choice for today’s data centres.
  • Specifically, the research reveals that refurbished hardware of a younger generation can outperform newer models when configured optimally. Analysis of Moore’s Law also reveals that newer IT hardware is no longer providing the same step changes in efficiency that it once did.
  • Interact helps businesses to create low carbon, energy efficient and cost-effective data centres, by recommending optimum server refresh scenarios. Rich Kenny, Group IT Director at Techbuyer and Director of Strategy at Interact states: “This tool will benefit almost every small and mid-tier data centre.”

Techbuyer is a sustainable IT solutions provider. We supply new and quality refurbished servers, storage and networking equipment, laptops and desktops from over 150 brands including HPE, Dell and Lenovo. We also upgrade, repair, buy and replace existing IT hardware. Get in touch with us today to maximise your IT budget.

To find out more about Interact, check out their website.

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