Certified Refurbished Server

Certified Refurbished Servers

Maximise your IT budget without compromising on performance or reliability with Techbuyer’s refurbished servers!

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What Can Techbuyer’s Refurbished Server Technology do for You?

Same capabilities as new for efficiency and performance

Compatibility with existing IT hardware

Free Configure-to order service for customisation

The sustainable choice for IT procurement

25-point test and refurbishment process

Impressive cost-savings compared to OEMs

Same or Next day delivery available within the UK

Techbuyer’s 3-year warranty and optional break-fix support

Refurbished Server Technology Backed by Industry-Leading Research

Refurbished servers perform as well and as efficiently as new, and we can prove it!

We recently conducted a research partnership with the University of East London to test the effects of server configuration measured against new devices. This study proved that with the right configuration refurbished servers couldn’t just match the performance of new but could also outperform.

Download our IEEE peer-reviewed journal here for a full breakdown on this project and the results:

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Configure Your Refurbished Server to Your EXACT Requirements

Create a custom server configuration to support your business with your unique workloads, operations and infrastructure.

Our team work with you to design a bespoke server build according to your requirements, priorities and budget. Your CTO refurbished server is then built free-of-charge by our team of technical experts.

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