Techbuyer Server Technicians Become Highly Accredited

One of Techbuyer’s strengths and a key reason for our incredible recent growth is our investment in the skills of our staff. Our employees show incredible dedication and determination to continually improve their skills and knowledge, as evidenced by a series of qualifications attained by members of our Testing and Goods-In teams.

Server Aces Pass the Test

Technical Services and Support Testers Aidan and Slav recently passed their HPE ATP - Server Solutions V3 course, formalising and expanding upon their existing in-depth knowledge of HP server design, configurations and management. These twin qualifications demonstrate the dedicated skills that go into creating our customers’ servers, matched only by the years of dedicated experience our technicians have.

Tony Keeps Soldering On

Meanwhile, Tony, a member of our Goods-In team, recently obtained an IPC-A-610 certification in relation to soldering and repair of printed circuit boards (PCBs), officially recognising his skills in repairing these complex pieces of hardware. This represents yet another indication of the level of detail to which Techbuyer goes in ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and workmanship.

Congratulations to Aidan, Slav and Tony for their accreditations – we look forward to more success in the future!