Techbuyer Down Under

Techbuyer APAC Sales Director Chris Pooley was featured in New Zealand based “Reseller News” this March, as part of Techbuyer’s publicity strategy ahead of the Australia and New Zealand expansion in September 2018. In the article he shares some of the reasons behind the move into the Asia Pacific market and the benefits it will bring the company:


“We have had a significant customer base in Asia Pacific for some time now, mostly concentrated in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. The region accounted for around £1.1 million turnover in 2017, and is on target to hit around £1.6 million this year.


Given the rate of growth, and the potential this represents, it made sense to have an on-the-ground presence in the region.


The plan is open satellite offices across the region. These will include Australia, New Zealand and either Singapore or Hong Kong. Auckland, New Zealand, is first on the list because the language and culture there will help ease the integration process. Also, Kiwis are pretty passionate when it comes to the environment so the environmental benefits of refurbished equipment will fit in very well there.


The country also represents an excellent business opportunity. Refurbishment is a very immature market both in New Zealand and Australia, so we have the chance to get in at the beginning. 


The first office opens in Auckland in September 2018 and the first sales office in Australia is scheduled for early 2019.”


For a look at Chris’s article in reseller news, see