Building a Gaming PC for Overwatch

Building your own gaming PC can give you your very own personalized machine which is perfectly suited to you and your gaming needs. It is also usually much cheaper than buying a pre-built PC, meaning that you can get a lot more power for your money. There is also lots of room for design personalization, including lights, casing and unique features! 

However, building a gaming PC can be a daunting prospect at first. It can easily become a stressful, drawn out and confusing project until you have a better understanding of what exactly you need from your device. There are so many options out there and it is easy to end up buying things you don’t need and spending more than you initially intended.  

In addition, you can end up with a PC that is perfectly suited to a game you do not even play or with a device that is much more powerful (and expensive) than you really need. All games are different, they have varying specifications and they depend on different components to run efficiently. This means that spending a fortune on all components for the most powerful device possible, may leave you out of pocket and actually not benefit your playstyle at all. We are here to help! 

In this series, we are going through the most popular games and giving you a run-down of the minimum, recommended and optimal requirements for your custom-built gaming PC. Today we are talking about Overwatch. Is Minecraft your game of choice? Discover what you need to build a Minecraft PC here.  

Overwatch has millions of players per month, making it one of the biggest games out there. We have some experience with Overwatch as earlier this year we partnered with EX Overwatch League player Custa. We sent Custa a fully refurbished gaming rig to play and stream with to demonstrate that refurbished technology performs just as well as new!  


CPUs for Overwatch 

You might have heard the CPU be called the brain of your computer, and this is very true!  Processing power is important for every piece of software on your computer, as well as every action your PC makes.  

Overwatch needs decent processing power to run smoothly and effectively. According to Blizzard, the minimum CPU specifications for Overwatch is the Intel Core i3 or alternatively, the AMD Phenom X3 8650. These two CPUs aren’t high-end options that will cost you a fortune and so they are a great choice for those looking at building their first gaming PC!  

However, Blizzard recommends either the Intel I5 or the AMD Phenom II X3 715 for the best experience whilst playing Overwatch. These CPUs offer a bit more of a kick and so are more capable at running the game at its higher levels.  

Overwatch isn’t dependent on the CPU and needs a GPU for the best visual and efficient functions. Therefore, we would recommend using a fairly powerful processor, but nothing too heavy-duty, and saving your money to invest in a high-performing graphics card for the best results.  


GPU or Graphics Card 

Compared to the majority of modern games out there, Overwatch isn't particularly demanding on the graphics card. However, to maximize the game's visuals and FPS you will need a decent GPU.  Graphics cards are like CPUs in that they are used to process information and data, but they focus heavily on graphics, images and video. 

To support video on Overwatch, Blizzard recommend any GPU from the GeForce GTX 460, ATI Radeon™ HD 4850, or Intel® HD Graphics 4400 upwards. However, in order to maximize the game's visuals, Blizzard recommends GeForce® GTX 660 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 or better. In order to run Ultra settings at 1080p with 60 FPS, a minimum RX 560 is required. For resolutions exceeding 1080p you will need to look at more powerful GPU options.  


RAM for Overwatch  

Overwatch requires 4GB of RAM at least (meaning your PC will need at least 6-8GB of RAM to run effectively). Most pre-built PCs need 2GB of RAM to even boot up so this isn’t an awful lot. The more RAM you add the more effectively your game will run but only 4GB are actually required. 6GB is recommended, meaning you need around 8-10GB of RAM in your PC in total.  

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Overwatch requires a minimum of 30gb of free hard drive space to save the game files and run effectively. The installation of mods, shaders and other enhancement software will require more storage from your PC to host the game at its full potential. Browse our range of PC HDDs and SSDs here.  

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Which other PC components do I need for Overwatch? 

  • Power Supply Unit: Your PSU supplies power to the device and converts the AC current of the mains outlet to DC power. Without a PSU, your PC is just dead parts stuck together! 
  • Case: A PC case is needed to build the exterior of the device. All components fit into this case, offering protection and sturdiness to the computer. This is your opportunity to accessorize your computer and make the exterior truly personal to you! If a pink unicorn PC case is what you want just go for it! 
  • Fans: Fans are essential for controlling the airflow in your PC. A minimum of 1 fan is required however 2 case fans are recommended by most builders, one takes cold air in (intake) the other one takes the hot air out (exhaust). Even with a fancy liquid cooling system you still need at least one fan! 
  • System Board: Your system board is essential to your gaming PC. It acts as the backbone for your PC and connects your components.  
  • Connection to the Internet: As Overwatch is an online game connection to the internet is obviously essential.