Sustainable IT Solutions 

Techbuyer is a global provider of sustainable IT solutions and computer hardware with the circular economy at its core. Our new and high-quality refurbished IT parts and devices offer a sustainable alternative to improve the impact of your technology on the planet. Our sustainable services are designed to offer responsible and environmentally friendly options for the procurement, maintenance and disposal of IT hardware.

Whether you are looking to establish, expand upon or upgrade your IT system, Techbuyer can supply high-quality IT equipment and provide expert services and recommendations to improve your environmental impact. Find out more about our sustainable products below or get in touch to learn more from our experienced team.


Sustainable IT Hardware

Techbuyer is a global supplier of high-quality IT hardware that reduces the impact of your technology on the environment. Our wide range of components and devices cut down on the extent of e-waste ending up in landfill prematurely, reduce demand on critical raw materials and provide a carbon responsible solution for businesses around the world. View our full range of IT hardware products and services below. 

Refurbished IT Hardware

Refurbished technology provides a sustainable solution to IT systems and hardware, preventing valuable materials and devices from ending up in landfill. Not only is refurbished IT hardware capable of performing as well as new, but it also extends the lifespan of devices, reducing the demand on manufacturing and Critical Raw Materials and offering a carbon friendly alternative to IT procurement.

Refurbished devices from Techbuyer come with an industry-leading warranty and access to technical expertise and support.


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Component Level Upgrades

The majority of IT hardware, including laptops, PCs, servers and networking devices, are disposed of before their time. Extending the lifespan of your technology through component level upgrades allows you to get the most out of your technology and reduce the amount of e-waste you send to landfill. By boosting the performance and efficiency of your device, our component level upgrade service will add years onto the lifespan of your IT.

Techbuyer has a stock of over 225,000 IT parts worldwide to ensure that every customer has the component they need to extend the lifespan of their devices.


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Improved Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of your IT system reduces your energy consumption and carbon footprint, as well as saving you money. Installing energy efficient components and upgrading your devices to run effectively enhances performance and improves the impact of your technology on the environment.

Explore our components, including NVMe SSDs and high-quality PSUs, to boost the efficiency of your IT system or get in touch to find out more.


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IT Repairs

Get the most out of your technology and add years on to the life cycle of your devices with IT repairs. Techbuyer offers IT repairs on a range of devices to ensure keep your technology in use for longer and maximise the potential of your device.

Our expert technicians have years of experience in the IT repairs industry and provide high-quality solutions for your broken devices. Get in touch to learn more below.


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Sustainability for Enterprise

For organisations and businesses looking to improve the environmental impact of their technology, Techbuyer offers a range of services aimed at enterprise grade companies. These services provide sustainable alternatives for the IT systems of large corporations without compromising on performance, security or reliability. Supported by innovative research, expert knowledge and industry awareness, Techbuyer's enterprise services support business development through IT optimisation and efficiency. 


Following a two-year research partnership with the University of East London, Techbuyer launched its sister company, Interact. The Interact tool provides full data center performance analysis to identify areas of improvement to increase energy efficiency, reduce running costs and improve carbon footprint. Interact provides accurate recommendations on IT hardware upgrades to help save your business money and improve the impact of data centres on the environment.

Techbuyer uses Interact to recommend IT hardware to provide the most sustainable option for your business without compromising on performance.


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