“Better Together”: Kensington Soccer Club Announces Techbuyer as New Sponsor

Kensington Soccer Club today announced that Techbuyer, a leading provider of sustainable IT solutions, has become an official sponsor of the organization for the coming year. 

Together with Techbuyer, Kensington Soccer Club will be able to balance its ongoing program expansion across the area with continued staff investment, helping the club further develop its operations to better serve children in their own neighborhoods.

“This sponsorship comes at the perfect time for us and fills a crucial gap,” KSC Executive Director Jim Hardy said. “We're reaching more children than ever with our after-school programs, but it's hard for some of those children to make it to our Saturday locations where they can build stronger connections and stay involved when their after-school program finishes. Techbuyer's sponsorship will help us expand our Saturday programs so we have one in walking distance of every child in the neighborhood so none of them are left out."



Formed in 2010, Kensington Soccer Club believes in “Community Advancement Through Soccer,” working to make youth soccer and community development opportunities much more accessible and affordable to all residents of the Kensington neighborhood in Philadelphia. 

What started as a small after-school summer program quickly grew into a year-round soccer organization that now offers competitive travel and recreational soccer, after-school programs, summer camps, community clinics and employment opportunities for more than 1,500 families.

As Kensington Soccer Club continues to grow, so has its support from the city and the local community. With that additional support, Kensington Soccer Club moves towards its mission of making soccer and personal development available “For Everyone.”



Founded in 2005, Techbuyer has been buying, refurbishing and selling servers, storage and networking equipment, laptops, desktops and components for over 15 years. 

Based in West Deptford NJ, Techbuyer aims to do as much as possible to help local and wider communities. A core belief at Techbuyer is the critical role that education, sports, social activity and healthcare play. It is for this reason that the company dedicates as much time and resource as possible to assisting worthwhile clubs, charities and good causes.

Techbuyer CEO Kevin Towers visited the club this Fall, and was really impressed with Kensington Soccer Club and found them to be really inspiring with a lot of passion both for their community and for the club.

He was particularly impressed with hearing a lot of dialogue at the club about the power of positivity - something which Kevin truly believes in as well. 

Kevin Towers, Techbuyer CEO commented:

“From my first visit to KSC, I could immediately tell that the club is doing really important work in the community, and all through the hard work and dedication of an inspiring bunch of individuals. The club truly puts into action the power of positivity, and the impact that this has on the local community is enormous. I’m delighted to kick-off Techbuyer’s sponsorship of KSC and help spread the message about the power of positivity!”


Blog photo by Alberto Huichapa, Kensington Soccer Club