Research and Sustainability Partnerships

Bringing reuse into the mainstream is an important issue. ICT hardware contains a number of precious metals and rare earths that are in limited or insecure supply. Discovering ways to find best use of resources is complex and difficult, which is why we collaborate and contribute to a number of research and industry projects in this area.

The Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC)

The Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) is a strategic partnership of remanufacturing industry sectors and academic institutions. It outlines the best way forward for remanufactured goods in terms of quality and best practice as well as providing information to the wider public on the benefits of making best use of resources.

Through a combination of collaboration, education and research it promotes the growth of all sectors of the remanufacturing industry and continues to advocate with policy makers and government regulators to minimize barriers to US markets and foreign trade.

Techbuyer has been a member since 2020.

Moving the repair industry forward with is front and center in the electronics right to repair, government legislation that will allow consumers the ability to repair their own electronic equipment. Techbuyer has supported this by writing to legislators highlighting the benefits of this right and the opportunities it provides end-users and job creation locally.

Circular 4.0: Data-Driven Intelligence for a Circular Economy

This is a three year project led by the University of Exeter. It looks at the crossover between digital, AI etc in manufacturing and the circular economy and examines how digital helps and also hinders in terms of materials use. We are likely to be a remanufacturing case study in the project, which gets Techbuyer’s name out in addition to publicizing refurbished servers, storage and networking. Project partners are Airbus, Cisco, Riversimple, Manufacturing Technology Center, Ellen Macarthur Foundation and Rolls Royce Plc.

Support the Goals

Techbuyer is an active member of Support the Goals, a group of businesses that support and promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The group offers companies a chance to share inspirational stories on how partnerships can help to make the world fairer, less polluting and more egalitarian. Find out more about how Techbuyer support the UN Global Goals on their website.