Server Parts

Server parts and components are the driving force of any server. From CPUs to hard drives, browse new and refurbished server parts today to maximise the efficiency and performance of your system. Every server, system and component includes an impressive warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

Why not try refurbished server parts? Our refurbished IT hardware provides the same performance as new, is fully compatible with new servers, and provides excellent reliability – all for a lower cost than new.

Server Processors

Server processors, commonly called CPUs, are the brains of any server and handle all instructions and commands. Browse our server processors from today’s leading brands, including Intel, AMD, HPE and Dell.

Server Memory

Server memory, also known as server RAM, keeps servers running efficiently by increasing bandwidth and temporarily storing data. Choose from our range of server memory modules including DDR3 and DDR4 RAM.

Server Components

We know that it takes an army to keep servers running efficiently. That’s why whatever server components you need, from cache memory to RAID controllers, we’ll stock them.

Server Storage

Browse our wide selection of hard drives (HDDs), solid state drives (SSDs), optical drives, SD cards and more to boost your server storage.

Server Power Options

Servers can’t function without a power supply. Choose from our range of power supply units (PSUs), power distribution units (PDUs) and power cables.


Graphic processing units (GPUs) are most common in gaming PCs. However, GPUs are also useful for servers needing to produce high quality imagery, such as medical scans or a company specialising in graphic design. Shop our full range today.

Server Cabling

Server cabling may not be the most exciting element of your system, but it is useful. Since no two business requirements are exactly the same, we stock a wide variety of server cables from today’s leading brands such as HPE, Dell and Cisco.

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Techbuyer is a global provider of new and quality refurbished IT solutions. We manage entire life cycle of IT hardware by upgrading, repairing, replacing or buying existing devices, or providing quality new and refurbished IT solutions.

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