Maximizing School IT Budgets

EdTech spending is on the rise. K-12 schools are predicted to spend $23.1 billion on hardware and major software systems this year, up by $400 million since 2020. This is mainly due to equipment shortages; many schools couldn’t obtain the devices they needed in 2020. Other schools will be replacing devices or purchasing for additional needs.  

No matter what sector you are in, you will have most likely felt the effects of the global chip shortage. The education sector in particular was affected by increased costs and long lead times for technology. The volatility of electronics prices and the prolonged waiting times is unprecedented. 

These are the steps we recommend that your school district can take to not get caught out by the ongoing global supply chain issues while reusing existing resources cost-effectively and sustainably.  


Perform an Audit 

To get an idea of your current IT resources, perform an audit as a first step. An audit will paint a clear picture of what school IT is under or overused. Meet with teachers and other school staff to get a better understanding of their IT needs and equipment use. Once the audit is complete, any technical issues can then be addressed.  


Component Upgrades 

Carrying out component upgrades on your school IT equipment is a great way to future-proof your IT. It’s a very cost-effective and sustainable step to take. By upgrading hardware components, you will save money in the long run and will prolong the life of your existing devices. 

For instance, changing from an HDD to an SSD can significantly improve device speed and responsiveness by improving tasks like boot times to read/write speeds for computers. With device lifespan extended, you will be insulated from the worst of the ongoing chip shortage.  

At Techbuyer, our large global stock holding means that we’re able to ship large numbers of parts for replacement or upgrades for almost any need. 


IT vendor selection 

It’s a good idea to select an IT vendor that has experience in the education sector. The right vendor will want to work with your school or district to help you maximize your IT budget. Look for vendors that offer generous warranties, excellent customer service, and fast replacements.  


Look for Scalability  

The ability to customize an entire system which is easily upgradeable is ideal, especially for a school. A scalable system that is built to be able to grow with your school will ensure that students will have secure access to essential IT resources and have the best chance in life to progress. In the education sector, Techbuyer has experience with providing purpose-built solutions and IT hardware that will fit your exact needs.  


Buy Refurbished 

Buying refurbished is a great way to maximize your school IT budget. If you have any doubts about buying refurbished, have a look at the research that has been done to prove the performance of refurbished IT. Moreover, refurbished tech is readily available, meaning your school district won’t be affected by the supply chain delays affecting so many sectors.  

By choosing refurbished equipment, you are prolonging the life of devices and preventing them from adding to the enormous level of toxic e-waste. As a global supplier of refurbished equipment, at Techbuyer we stock hundreds of thousands of devices and components from a range of brands. With such a broad range of products, this is extremely useful to school IT managers because it allows them to choose the most cost-effective solution.  

In summary - saving both time and money, whilst making sustainable choices, will be invaluable for any school district! 


Dispose of retired school IT assets securely 

Educational institutions that are required to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) must follow best practices for protecting student information. Safeguarding FERPA-protected data from unauthorized disclosure is relevant at every stage of IT asset management, including end of life IT equipment. 

Furthermore, the problem of e-waste is on the rise – it already comprises 70% of the Earth’s overall toxic waste. In the US, over 40% of the heavy metals in US landfills come from discarded electronics.  

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the process of disposing of used IT hardware in a safe, secure, and sustainable manner. ITAD will optimize your IT budget, securely erase all data, save you valuable time and resources, and help you achieve your CSR goals. 

 Why not set the right example for future generations by sustainably disposing of school IT equipment? Learn more about the Techbuyer ITAD services for schools here.