Creating a Better World: Techbuyer Supports the Sustainable Development Goals

We first heard about the Goals when our UK office attended the UN Sustainable Development Goals workshop in Leeds (2018), and immediately felt inspired to help in our own way. With the help of TBL Services over the past few months, we have assessed which of the 17 goals are most applicable to our business and have set 9 targets for 2025.

In 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. These 17 goals aim to end poverty, fight inequality and prevent climate change by 2030 by focusing on everything from clean water, to protecting wildlife, to tackling gender bias. With every person, business, organization and charity working together, we have the power to create real change and ensure our world becomes a fairer place.


Supporting the Global Goals within the IT industry

For decades, the IT and technology industries have followed the traditional make-use-waste system. Despite servers lasting an average of ten to fifteen years, many businesses only use them for 2 to 4 years and sometimes even as little as 9 months before opting for a newer model. This is also the case with cells and laptops, which is not surprising since many organizations insinuate that the latest is always the greatest. Using electronic devices for short periods of time is unsustainable and means that quality technology goes to waste before its end of life.

At Techbuyer, we are making IT hardware more sustainable. We buy IT equipment from a diverse range of public and private organizations. We then sell this hardware as a quality IT solution, ensuring that technology is used for as long as possible. The benefits of this include preventing equipment from being unnecessarily sent to landfill, putting less pressure on finite resources such as lithium and copper which are present in servers, and providing a more sustainable alternative to new IT hardware.

Working together to create change

The UN is encouraging as many organizations as possible to spread the word about the Global Goals, campaign against unjust systems and practices, and contribute to the Goals that are most applicable to their business. To find out how you can get involved at You can also visit our webpage to find out more about our targets.

Techbuyer is a global leader in the buying, selling and refurbishing of data center and networking equipment. We provide quality refurbished IT hardware with complete data erasure, thorough testing and three year warranties for ultimate peace of mind. To invest in a more sustainable, cost-effective IT solution, get in touch today.