Improve the efficiency of your data centre
with Interact! 

Interact is a non-intrusive, machine leaning, SaaS tool that provides tailored server upgrade recommendations that drastically reduce the cost, energy consumption and carbon footprint of your server estate.

Through digestible and accurate reporting, as well as extensive comparisons, Interact is able to identify opportunities to improve data centre efficiency, saving your business money, energy, space and CO2 emissions.

Data centres around the world are using Interact to analyse the performance of their hardware and upgrade equipment to save money and improve the sustainability of their IT equipment through cost analysis and energy projections.

How it works?

Interact offers full analysis of the performance at which your servers are currently running. The tool calculates core vitals, including the cost, energy and carbon that your data centre requires to function in its current state and produces a comprehensive report on your existing technology.

This report is then used to provide recommendations for upgrading your servers that are unique to your business, aimed at reducing the running cost of your data centre and decreasing the environmental impact of your company.

Our recommendations are not only bespoke to your organisation but are also offered without brand bias. This means our recommendations are completely vendor neutral and solely aimed at improving your data centre efficiency.

Why Use Interact?

Save Carbon

Drastically reduce your data centre’s carbon footprint.

Save Energy

Improve device efficiency and decrease energy usage.

Save Money and Space

Reduce Procurement costs, server running costs and server space.

Reduce Running Costs

Save on rack space, energy bills and server running costs without lowering workload capacity.

Vendor Neutral &
Unrivalled options

This tool will recommend the best equipment for your business across all brands and conditions without bias.


Interact reliably analyses the efficiency of your data centre servers to highlight where improvements could be made.

Long Term

Interact analyses the potential cost, energy and carbon savings that each recommendation will make for your business over 3-5 years.

Based on Scientific

Interact was born out of a two-year research study between Techbuyer and the University of East London which was given the grade “Outstanding” by Innovate UK.