Carbon Savings Calculator

The Carbon Savings calculator estimates the amount of CO2e (combined greenhouse gasses) saved by either choosing refurbished IT devices or selling used hardware to our ITAD facility.



Why We Made It

Every time a customer buys our refurbished hardware or a supplier sells us redundant equipment, it avoids carbon being emitted through the production of new products. The Carbon Savings Calculator enables our partners to quantify this to celebrate the positive environmental impact of their IT management decisions.

How It Works

Our Sustainability Team assessed over 220 life cycle assessments of numerous devices. The Calculator uses the embodied (production) carbon emissions from these studies to calculate a carbon savings figure compared to new by subtracting the emissions from the refurbishment process. We will continually update the tool as more information comes to light.

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Techbuyer's Journey to Net Zero:

Net Zero is all about managing emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO². These emissions are the driving force behind climate change, and they must be levelled off if we’re going to bring the crisis under control. SMEs face even greater challenges in the lack of clarity on the best approach to take and the limited number of credible certifications available to validate progress


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Sustainability at Techbuyer:

Techbuyer is a sustainable IT solutions provider with the circular economy at its core. Our team’s priority is to extend the productive lifecycle of IT equipment and materials through reuse, repair and refurbishment to reduce electronic waste (e-waste) and conserve natural resources. We believe a sustainable business is one that balances people, planet, and profit – the triple bottom line..


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