Front-line Research

Sustainability is a constantly evolving area. As new information and technologies become available, best practices evolve. We’re committed to using our expertise, gained from operating at the front line of these developments, to push the global conversation regarding the best implementation of sustainable IT practices.

We’re always involved in a range of research and advocacy projects; the examples of our work below capture some of the insights we’ve picked up along the way so far. 


Published Articles

Our research has been published in various academic journals and has featured in leading conferences, anthologies, industry papers around the world.

IEEE Research Paper

Our research on the role of the circular economy in making ‘server refreshes’ more efficient has been published in the IEEE journal Transactions on Sustainable Computing. 


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Elsevier Research Paper

Through a collaboration with the University of East London, we developed a server-efficiency tool called Interact, which is discussed in the Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems journal.  


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LCM Conference Series

We conducted an analysis of what product life extensions would mean for the data centre industry across each perspective of the Triple Bottom Line: people, planet, and profit



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We summarised our findings from our IEEE-published research in the German sustainability-focused industry publication, Nachhaltig.Digital


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Blog and News 

Take a look at our blogs for our insights on some of our most interesting projects. 

Fighting for a Sustainable Future: Taking Inspired Action

After passing a rigorous assessment and gaining years of invaluable experience, Techbuyer’s Sustainability Lead, Astrid Wynne, becomes a Chartered Environmentalist.


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The Toxic Threat of E-waste

It is now widely accepted that the ever-growing volume of e-waste generated each year is a global problem that must be resolved.


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What the IPCC Report Means for Your Tech

The UN recently released its latest report on climate change. While the results are a little bleak, there is still a light at the tunnel.


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