Stronger together – Our trade partnerships

We develop partnerships with other companies, trade associations and government organizations to gain a better understanding of our industry and create a connected vision of high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable IT infrastructure. By pooling our knowledge, experience and resources we can broaden our product and service portfolio, ensuring we are always able to supply our customers with a complete IT solution whilst achieving a greater positive impact together.

Promoting industry best practices with UNEDA

The United Network Equipment Deal Association is an organization that is renowned for the difficulty of becoming a member. UNEDA is an alliance of more than 300 of the top used network equipment dealers worldwide. These secondary market suppliers work together to promote industry best practices, ensure the highest standards of product quality, and eradicate counterfeit and fraud in the secondary market. As a UNEDA member, Techbuyer works with a community of similar businesses to educate the public about today’s secondary market.

Advocating for secure data destruction with NAID

Techbuyer is a member of National Association of Information Destruction, a non-profit, international trade association for companies in the secure data destruction industry. It operates as the watchdog for the industry, ensuring best practice in data sanitization worldwide.

Moving the repair industry forward with is front and centre in the electronics right to repair, government legislation that will allow consumers the ability to repair their own electronic equipment. Techbuyer has supported this by writing to legislators highlighting the benefits of this right and the opportunities it provides end-users and job creation locally.

High performance hardware from Ortial Technologies

Ortial Technologies is a recognized innovator and creator of server and networking upgrades. Ortial specializes in high performance transceivers, memory and data storage components. Techbuyer is Ortial’s number one distributor and over the past couple of years we have developed a strong partnership with the company.