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Supporting the Local and Wider Community

Away from the world of work, we want to do as much as possible to help our local and wider community. We think it's vital that education, sport, social activity and healthcare continue to thrive - so we dedicate as much time and resource as we can to assisting worthwhile clubs, charities and good causes.

IT Schools Africa

We first heard of IT Schools Africa through our friend Ross at Reusing IT, a charity that collects unwanted computers from companies, refurbishes them, and then sends them to be distributed across schools in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. What we share with this charity is the goal to make technology accessible for everyone, especially in the education sector.

We have now established a partnership network with IT Schools Africa to ensure that there is an ongoing effort on our part to provide them with IT equipment. A small help can make a huge impact.

Read more about IT Schools Africa on our blog.

Find out more about IT Schools Africa.

Nebinger Elementary School

Helping the local community and looking at ways to improve overall school experiences has always been a priority at Techbuyer. Having come across an opportunity provide a local school in Philadelphia with the tools they needed to accelerate learning in an Autistic Support class, Techbuyer jumped at the chance to support.


A teacher from Nebinger Elementary School appealed for laptops for her classroom that would give her students access to digital programs that would improve their math and literacy skills.

Many of her students were from low income households, and budget cuts meant that the school weren’t able to afford IT equipment for the support class. After seeking advice for the best laptops that would suit a classroom environment, Techbuyer donated all 10 required Chromebooks to the Autistic Support class.

The equipment now allows the students to feel included within the school environment, and teaching is utilized within the classroom now they have access to additional educational materials and research tools.