Organizations have trusted us with the buying and selling of data center equipment since 2005. Our government backed accreditations, qualifications and partnerships support the principles we’ve been working towards since the beginning: quality, security and environmental management. We constantly check the condition of the products we refurbish and sell in order to ensure that our customers only receive the highest quality goods whilst continuously improving the services we offer. These internationally recognized accreditations, qualifications and partnerships aim to give assurance to current and future customers that all aspect of the way we work is constantly assessed and improved.

ISO 9001

Techbuyer’s ISO 9001 certification for our Cherry Hill, NJ facility demonstrates our ambition to operate all areas of the business in the most efficient way possible, with the ultimate goal of ensuring complete satisfaction for our customers. This standard is recognized worldwide and gives assurance to current and future customers that our management systems are constantly assessed and approved.

ISO 9001ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Our ISO 14001 certification for our Cherry Hill, NJ facility establishes Techbuyer as a credible and ethical supplier, operating to a very high degree environmentally. Our business model of refurbishing and re-deployment is already much more environmentally conscious than the paradigm of scrapping old equipment and buying new, but this accreditation confirms that our business ethos reaches right through every department and process within the organization.

ISO 14001ISO 14001

ISO 45001

Techbuyer’s head office in Harrogate, UK, is ISO 45001 certified, which demonstrates excellent occupational health and safety. Staff wellbeing and safety is our number one priority, as well as promoting and protecting employee’s physical and mental health. We are proud to operate an efficient, effective and safe warehouse.

ISO 45001ISO 45001

R2v3 Certified

Techbuyer is an R2v3 Standard (Responsible Recycling) certified company which means that our IT electronics are ethically recycled with full transparency to our customers. This certification applies to our head office in Harrogate, UK, and demonstrates that all end-of-life equipment is recycled in safe conditions and to the highest security standards. 

R2 Responsible RecyclingR2 Responsible Recycling