Certified Data Erasure

We Use Blancco and White Canyon Software for Reliable Data Erasure

Techbuyer’s data erasure service is the most secure way to sanitize your data bearing devices. With industry-leading software from White Canyon and Blancco, we erase 100% of your data, operating system and programs. We also provide full certification to support the data erasure of each device.

Certified for Excellent Data Security

Approved by Major Global Bodies

According to NSA (National Security Agency), data erased by WipeDrive from White Canyon “is permanently destroyed as to make any type of forensic data recovery impossible.” This is the same CPA certified software used by NASA and the US Department of Defense.

Our data erasure software is fully compliant with requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories across the world. We provide full reporting and all data is destroyed through strictly controlled processes with a 100% tamper-proof audit trail, ensuring complete and secure data erasure.

“Our global team of data security specialists guarantees the highest level of data security. With over 18 years of experience protecting company data and keeping quality IT equipment in use, we are always working to stay ahead of the latest security regulations. ”


 CC Craig Mansworth – Group IT Director

An Environmentally friendly Way to Recycle Used IT Equipment

Our safe and secure data erasure method breathes new life into unwanted IT hardware that would otherwise be sent to landfill. This keeps quality technology in use and supports our zero to landfill initiative.

We refurbish over 99% of the IT equipment we receive. This is the most sustainable option available and helps businesses to access cost-effective, circular technology. In cases where we cannot refurbish, we will ethically recycle in line with industry regulations.

Do you need your enterprise equipment testing and data erasing to comply with data protection laws?

We offer a wide range of testing and erasing services for all vendors: HPE, Dell, Cisco, IBM, NetApp, EMC and more.
Across a huge variety of products including:

HPE Servers/Blades Cisco Catalyst
IBM Servers/Blades  IBM Controllers and Disk Cabinets
Brocade Switches Dell Servers/Blades
Cisco Switches HPE ProCurve Switches
Most other switches HPE ProCurve Modules
Juniper/3COM/Netgear Dell MSA MD1000/3000/3200
HPE MSA Tape Drives from HPE/Dell/IBM
Tape Library Dell EqualLogic
HPE VC Modules Onboard Administrator

Benefits of Techbuyer Data Erasure

Secure engineering facilities

Operating to the highest
security standards

100% tamper proof audit trail

With security vetted personnel. 

100% compliance

We are commited to the highest
levels of data security

We erase 100% of your data

Which makes your company
data completely unrecoverable

We are experts in our sector

We erase thousands of IT devices every month
using software from White Canyon and Blancco

Full documentation provided

We offer full documentation to support
data sanitization of each device