Building a Gaming PC for Minecraft

If you're thinking about building a gaming PC it can be difficult to know where to start! Each game can require a different setup or more powerful parts than others, which can end up being expensive. Focusing on the game you are looking to play most is a good way to put together a gaming device that is built to your requirements, whilst also making sure that you don't spend money on parts that you may not need!

Custom-built PCs are also more personalized, as well as often cheaper than prebuilt gaming PCs and so are a great way to get into gaming or make your experience more suited to you. The best gaming PCs, as well as many of the most powerful, are often custom-built and so it is worth considering building your own for the best results.

Minecraft is currently the most popular PC game in the world, with 131 million players worldwide in 2020. Minecraft is available on a number of devices, however many that play on a PC use custom-built devices to get the best out of their Minecraft experience. In this article, we will talk you through everything you need to know about building a gaming PC for Minecraft, including the parts we would recommend and how to save money on individual components.

CPUs for Minecraft

CPU power is essential when running Minecraft; this particular game is different in that it relies more on processors than GPUs or graphics cards to run effectively. Therefore, a graphics card is not needed to play Minecraft on a base game level or with very few mods.

Minecraft is designed to run on most PCs, meaning that even though it relies on CPU power to function well, a powerful processor isn't needed to run this game at its base level. However, many mods, shaders, and enhanced graphic settings can be used to make the game look and feel better. For these features, a more powerful processing unit is recommended.

To run Minecraft with enhanced graphic settings, such as smooth lighting, or "fancy graphics", with higher rendition, or with extensive mods installed, we would recommend a processor such as the AMD Ryzen 7 3700x. This CPU offers 8 cores and a clock speed of 4.4GHz, to help produce a smooth and graphically impressive Minecraft experience. However, if you’re looking to play the game at its base level, most processors will support this functionality. You can browse our range here.

How much RAM should I use for Minecraft?

As a basic requirement, Minecraft recommends dedicating 2GB of RAM for the game to function. This means that your PC should include more than 2GB of RAM to run the game, as well as the PC itself. All pre-built PCs will provide more than 2GB of RAM as standard in order to run the software on the computer, and so you should match, if not expand upon this with a custom-built PC.

If you're using mods, shaders, or enhanced graphics, you should dedicate between 4-8GB of RAM to your Minecraft software. This means that you will need more than this available to run the game, and your PC effectively. For the basic running of the game or the use of light mod packs, dedicating between 2-4Gb of RAM to Minecraft will be enough and so 8Gb of RAM or more is recommended for your PC in total. For heavier mod packs, between 6-8Gb of RAM dedicated to the game is best and up to 16Gb of RAM for your PC would help the device and game function well. You can browse our full range of RAM here.

Do I need a Graphics Card for Minecraft?

Minecraft relies more on CPU power than a graphics card and so this isn't an essential component when building a PC for this game. As long as your device features a fairly powerful CPU, your game shouldn't require a graphics card to function. One of the only exceptions to this rule is if the game is running with shader mods installed. Using shaders relies much more heavily on the graphics card and without one, you will find that your game will lag!

Having a graphics card, therefore, is not essential for Minecraft. However, many other games rely heavily on these components to function at a high level and so it may be worth considering investing if you may branch out from Minecraft into other areas. We stock a range of refurbished and new graphics cards; browse our selection here.

Which other PC components do I need for Minecraft?

CPU and RAM are vital for Minecraft, however, if you are looking to build a gaming PC from the ground up a few other components are needed to allow the PC to function. The quality and power of these components however won't necessarily affect your Minecraft experience (although this may affect your experience of the PC as a whole).  For the functioning of your PC you will need:

  • Motherboard: connects the components of your device together. The motherboard allows all parts to communicate, allowing your components to work as a team.
  • Power Supply Unit: Your PSU supplies power to the device and converts the AC current of the mains outlet to DC power. Without a PSU, your PC is just dead parts stuck together!
  • SSD or HDD: A storage drive holds the data and files that your PC is not currently using, allowing you to save and store information. For larger games, a larger drive may be necessary and so consider the size of the component when purchasing. In terms of SSD vs HDD, SSDs are a better solution for longevity and retaining performance. For quality SSD options, Ortial is a great choice as they offer exceptional, quality equipment alongside a five-year warranty.
  • Case: A PC case is needed to build the exterior of the device. All components fit into this case, offering protection and sturdiness to the computer. Cases can be chosen for aesthetics as well as protection; they are a great way to personalize the look and feel of your computer.

Find out more about improving gaming performance through components here.

A Cost-effective and Sustainable way to Build your Gaming PC

By purchasing refurbished parts for your gaming PC you can stretch your IT budget and build a more powerful device! PC components have been proven to perform as well as new when refurbished to a high quality. By using refurbished, more powerful, and more expensive, components become accessible whilst still providing exceptional performance for your device.

Purchasing refurbished also means that your PC is sustainably sourced. By using refurbished components your device is created with components that are already constructed, and raw materials that are already mined, putting less stress on the planet's resources and making use of what we already have.

Techbuyer is a global supplier of sustainable IT solutions. We have decades of experience in the refurbished IT industry, as well as an extensive range of components and devices to supply you with your dream custom-built PC! If you need any help, advice, or recommendations, our expert team is happy to help. Get in touch now.

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