Techbuyer's Lifecycle Services

Techbuyer is a sustainable IT solutions provider with the circular economy at its core. Our team’s priority is to extend the product lifecycle of IT equipment wherever possible, in order to reduce the amount of useful technology entering the planet’s waste stream.

We are proud winners of the ‘Circular Economy Business of the Year’ at the 2020 IEMA awards, reflecting our commitment to furthering circular practices and maximizing IT budgets.

ITAD Services

Need to remove your used IT hardware? Our R2v3 certified IT Asset Disposition and IT Lifecycle Support Services make your journey safe, secure, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


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Laptop and Desktop Upgrade Service

Techbuyer’s Laptop and Desktop Upgrade Service is a great way to extend the life of your IT devices. Techbuyer provides quality component level upgrades with an industry leading warranty.

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Refurbished Servers

Buy certified refurbished servers tailored to your exact specifications and save money without compromising on quality.





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Lifecycle Accreditations

Our government backed accreditations, qualifications and partnerships support the principles we’ve been working towards since the beginning: quality, security and environmental management.

IT Repairs

We see the value in extending the product life of IT hardware wherever possible. In addition to our refurbishment process, we also provide an IT Repairs Service for server, storage and networking equipment, laptops and desktops.


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Data Bearing IT Device Destruction

We recognize that there are some circumstances in which you would choose to shred your HDDs and SSDs. Such as Company Policy, Insurance or Legal Requirements, or when a device is nearing end-of-life.


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HDD and SSD Disposal

If you’re looking for the best way to dispose of hard drives and solid state drives, Techbuyer’s data sanitization service is a secure, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.



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Data Erasure

Techbuyer's Data Erasure Service is the most secure way to sanitize your data bearing devices. We use industry-leading security software and provide full certification.


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