Saving the Day: A Sustainable Decommissioning Success Story

Our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service offers a secure and sustainable way for organizations to decommission their IT hardware. Techbuyer’s ITAD service is specially designed with enterprises in mind. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer bespoke solutions to organizations of all shapes, sizes, and specifications depending on their individual requirements. 

We understand that every organization is different and so is every ITAD job. When ‘The Cambria County Conservation District’ came to us with a unique problem we rolled our sleeves up and worked to provide the optimal solution.  

What is the Cambria County Conservation District?  

The Conservation District supports and educates the constituents of Cambria County in Pennsylvania on matters related to the protection of the environment and quality of life. They work with local organizations like ‘Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’ to arrange trash collection events eight times a year.  

The aim of these events is to collect waste that is difficult to dispose of, from tires to kitchen appliances, and reduce dumping which can have a detrimental effect on the local waterways and soil. They are actively involved with business and farming operations to advise best management practices, prevent activities that can be harmful to the environment, and create plans to help keep sustainable resources. 

The district reviews construction permits and inspects local development to ensure that controls are in place to prevent soil erosion and stormwater run-off. Staff obtain grants and design projects that restore and stabilize streambanks to reduce erosion and sedimentation and enhance wildlife habitat in the local waterways. Alongside this, they also conduct in-house and community educational programs to build awareness on the best practices to protect and preserve natural resources. 

The CCCD needed to raise funds to continue their essential conservation work. They also needed an ethical solution for the IT equipment that the organization no longer used. They needed to securely destroy their sensitive data while also recovering value on the hardware to re-invest into replacement equipment.  

The Brief: 

Dispose of redundant IT equipment responsibly. 

Securely erase data-bearing devices.  

Provide data sanitization certification.  

Recover value to fund replacement IT equipment and future environmental events.  

Stay consistent with the CCCD’s sustainability and environmental values.  

The Tecbuyer Solution 

Techbuyer offered a great price for the PCs and servers, securely data erased any data-bearing IT devices, and provided full sanitization certificates for reassurance that the data had been entirely erased. The collaboration meant the district was able to dispose of redundant equipment in the most responsible way, while also receiving a payment that was significantly above what they initially expected! The collaboration also raised the district’s awareness on the benefits of buying from the secondary market. The CCCD is now considering refurbished IT equipment for their future purchasing needs. 

Another Happy Client  

“Techbuyer’s quote was significantly over the money we had expected to be able to raise. We also received a certificate to prove that the data had been properly erased. “- Mary Ellen Bard, Cambria County Conservation District 

Our ITAD service has been streamlined and perfected over our 15 years of operation. Our state-of-the-art data sanitization technology allows us to guarantee 100% data erasure every time, providing ultimate peace of mind. Our efficient processes and our commitment to the circular economy ensure that we operate as sustainably as possible. Our technology sales infrastructure enables us to easily connect with secondary buyers and therefore maximize value recovery (only when value recovery is appropriate and possible). These factors culminate into our winning criteria and allow us to delight our clients. 

If it has worked for others it can work for you! 

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