How often should I upgrade my Office IT Equipment?

Office IT equipment doesn't last forever and upgrading your hardware can be vital as new technology is released or your business grows.

But how long should your IT hardware last?

And how can you dispose of it responsibly once it has reached the end of its life?

How long should my IT hardware last?

On average most users dispose of their laptop or computer every 2-4 years. But this technology, with the proper care and upgrades, could potentially last you up to 8 years!

Did you know that laptop and PC refresh services, as well as component upgrades, will help you to extend the lifespan of your computer?

Although manufacturers may recommend a server be replaced every 5 years, these devices have the potential to provide up to 10 years of usage depending on the server environment and the maintenance they receive. Looking after your computing equipment helps to maximize your IT budget and get the most out of your technology.

Similarly, to servers, networking devices, including switches and routers, are recommended for upgrade every 5 years. But this should be the minimum life span of your technology. By taking care of what you currently have, networking devices should last up to 8 years for your business or network.

If you’d like to extend the lifespan of your IT equipment, get in touch with Techbuyer to learn how we can help to improve your device longevity.

However, if your technology has come to the end of its time with you, responsible hardware disposal is important to consider.

How should I dispose of my Equipment at the end of its life?

When a device has reached the end of its lifespan, or if you are looking to upgrade your technology as your business grows, disposing of your IT hardware responsibly is vital for the security of your information, as well as for the environment.

ITAD services are the most secure method of IT disposal for businesses or individuals. This service offers full data sanitization to effectively erase any data left on a device. ITAD services are also the eco-friendly choice as they ensure that your technology can be refurbished for reuse after sanitation, meaning that your electronics will not end up in landfill with an ever-growing mountain of e-waste.

Recycling technology, on average, reclaims 20-35% of materials from a device for reuse, meaning that most of the raw materials become obsolete. Using ITAD services means that, generally, 100% of the resources within a device can be repurposed and reconfigured to provide refurbished IT solutions, extending the lifespan of your device, and preventing valuable technology from ending up in landfill.

Do I have any other options for IT disposal?

There are many ways to sustainably dispose of your hardware when the time comes. Other options include donating your technology to charity. Organizations such as DAFA (digital access for all) provide donated technology to those in need, as well as making sure that the devices are data erased and refurbished to offer useful technology to those they support.

Selling your IT equipment may also be an option; selling IT to either a refurbishment company or on to a private buyer helps prevent your technology from going to waste. Whilst ITAD services are the most secure option, if you are confident that your devices do not contain sensitive information for you or your business, then you may want to consider either of these options.

Why Choose ITAD Services from Techbuyer?

Thanks to vigorous testing, data sanitization and secure facilities, our ITAD services are fully accredited by ADISA to ensure the safety of your sensitive information during the ITAD process.

Techbuyer was the fastest company to achieve an ADISA accreditation and holds a number of other certifications to give you peace of mind that your equipment is in good hands throughout the decommissioning process.

Techbuyer's ITAD services is the optimal way to responsibly dispose of your used IT hardware. We accept devices including computers, laptops, networking devices and servers, on an individual basis, as well as on a much larger scale.

So, get in touch to find out exactly what we can offer you when your technology has reached the end of its use for you or your business!

Find out more about our ITAD services and accreditations here.