The Winds of Change - DCA

Ritchie Fiddes, Techbuyer’s global sales and marketing director, discusses turbine data centres as a greener option in the latest Data Centre Association magazine. The DCA is a trade association comprising of leaders and experts from across the data centre sector.

Article Summary

  • Hyperscale data centres have been quick to capitalise on the use of renewable energy at their facilities. Apple announced 100% renewable energy usage in its data centres in 2013.
  • Rather than power a facility with wind turbines, the WindCORES project brought the facility to the power supply, using Techbuyer refurbished servers to build a data centre inside a wind turbine.
  • Techbuyer was also able to supply a server system for use to the 360dcLounge event, which showcased green solutions for data centres. The server system was entirely refurbished, provided the same performance as new, but for a refurbished price! Just like the energy source, it had both an economic and environmental benefit for data centres.

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