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If you think that “mend and make do” is a low-tech phrase that best fits your grandmother, think again. “Refurb” is a hot term even with tech giants such as Google. An increasing number of SMEs are picking up on the competitive advantage it offers. This is what Tim Phillips, Techbuyer’s UK Sales Director discussed in the March 2018 SME Magazine. SME is a print publication and website covering SME business news in the UK.

Article Summary

  • Data centres will account for just under 4.8% of the $3.7 trillion spent on IT worldwide in 2018 according to research expert Gartner. This spend could be reduced by up to 80% with a few smart choices on IT infrastructure procurement, leaving more budget to spend on riding the wave of digitalisation and disruptive technologies.
  • Like cars, IT equipment drops in value almost as soon as it leaves the production line. A model that is two years old is a fraction of the cost of the latest generation from the factory and will, in most cases, more than meet the needs of IT departments.
  • Google has publicised in its report “Circular Economy at Work in Google Data Centres”, that in 2015, 75% of components consumed in its spares programme were refurbished inventory and 19% of servers were remanufactured machines.

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