Windows 11 Refurbished Devices

Microsoft’s Windows software has been around for almost 38 years and commands more than 75% of the global market regarding desktop and laptop computers.  

With the release of Windows 11 in 2022, many users are considering whether the upgrade is worth it for their personal and business devices. Windows 11, however, features some impressive upgrades and can help to accelerate your device's performance.

Benefits of Windows 11 

1. Simple Design and Use:  

Windows 11 features a simple user interface that makes finding what you want and interacting with the software easy. With a clean design and intelligent features, Windows 11 can enhance your user experience.  

2. Customizable Task Bar:  

With a taskbar that you can personalize to your needs, you can make Windows 11 work for you and your device. In this sense, Windows 11 navigation is as good as you can make it.  

3. Boosted Speed and Performance:  

Windows 11 is better at processing background information meaning that you get a smoother experience of your computer. Less powerful devices, for example with less RAM or limited CPU power, will experience a boost in performance from Windows 11.  

4. Integrate Android Apps:  

Windows 11 allows you to integrate Android apps into your taskbar and interface to increase the capabilities of your device. This is a brand-new feature of Windows software and probably the biggest highlight for many users.  

5. Latest Support and Features:  

As with all software and upgrades, the latest version is the most supported, upgraded, and developed upon by a company and so, with Windows 11 your device is fully protected and open to future upgrades.

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Is Windows 11 Worth Getting?  

To many users the answer is yes. With a fully customizable display, new capabilities through integrated Android apps, and increased performance, Windows 11 offers many benefits that users are looking for in their technology. 

Is Windows 11 Better Than Windows 10?  

Windows 11 improves on its predecessor in a number of areas. For example, among the things Windows 11 does that 10 doesn’t include the fact that Android apps are now built in natively via the new Microsoft Store, enabling you to download them directly onto your PC. Windows 11 lets users access around 500,000 apps available through the Amazon Appstore, including favorites such as Disney Plus, TikTok, Netflix, Pinterest, and Uber.

Another benefit of Windows 11 is it also features Widgets - an AI-powered customizable feed that gives you access to useful information such as the latest news and weather, your calendar, your photos and videos and a wide range of other interests.   
In addition, Windows 11 builds Microsoft’s video meeting facility Teams directly into the operating system, so it is easier and more flexible for daily use in the office. You can video call others on Teams across Windows, Android, Mac or iOS, so it easily enables laptops with Windows 11 and Windows 11 desktops to be run in unison for business or personal use, work, school or gaming. In Windows 10, this feature was much harder to set up and use.  

What are the Disadvantages of Windows 11?  

Windows 11 has specific system requirements that many devices, particularly older models, may not reach. For example, Windows 11 requires a TPM or Trusted Platform Module to be installed within the device. Without a TPM, which is designed to protect your PC against malware and hackers, Windows 11 cannot run on your PC or laptop. Techbuyer has more on TPM requirements and how to check your equipment’s compatibility here.  
In addition, although many are made available, you won't be able to access every Android app found in the Google Play Store.  
Alongside that, the Window 10 Action Centre that was regarded as one of the best Windows additions in recent years has been replaced in Windows 11 by a range of separate settings and notification panels. Clicking ‘Battery’ doesn’t take you to battery information only, for example, and clicking the ‘Wi-Fi’ icon doesn’t open Wi-Fi settings and available networks.   

Windows 10 v Windows 11  

Windows 11 features the latest technology from Microsoft and improves upon the functionality of Windows 10. The Windows 11 update includes bug fixes that are rolled out in monthly releases, alongside new storage alerts for OneDrive, improvements to the Windows Spotlight feature, and more. This means that Windows 11 is constantly being worked upon, upgraded and improved.  

Is Windows 11 Worth It?  

Windows 11 is definitely worth the upgrade to improve the performance of your device, unlock the latest features, including widgets and Android apps, and create a personalized user interface.   
The newest version of Windows software delivers an accelerated user experience and a clean, easy to use design that many users look for across their technology.  

Windows 11 Laptops and Desktops

Is your device incompatible with Windows 11? We offer a range of refurbished laptops and desktops that are fully compatible with Windows 11 and can maximize your IT budget.  

Refurbished technology is the cost-effective way to explore and make use of the latest software. Refurbished can perform just as well as new and almost always features a lower price tag than freshly manufactured devices. This makes refurbished an ideal choice for upgrading your laptop or computer to Windows 11 technology.