Spiceworld 2021: Techbuyer is opening this year's virtual event
Join us at Spiceworks 2021 Spiceworld Virtual Event on September 27th-29th for an industry-leading IT conference! Spiceworld is a yearly conference launched and ran by Spiceworks, a free system management, inventory, and helpdesk tool for IT pros and technology brands. Currently, Spiceworks is home to 20 million IT pros, and a further 1 Million tech brands, making it one of the biggest technology communities in the world.
Their event, therefore, attracts a lot of attention and traffic, and it is a great place to connect with other, like-minded businesses or people. We were thrilled to be accepted as a speaking body at this year's virtual event; both Rich Kenny, IT Director, and Astrid Wynne, Sustainability Lead, will be opening the event on Monday 27th September with a presentation on why 2nd hand is no longer 2nd best.
Astrid and Rich will highlight that refurbished IT equipment performs identically to new when refurbished to a high quality, and that refurbished equipment can also outperform new with the right upgrades. It will look at the global impact of manufacturing IT equipment and what it takes to create the assets we use on a daily basis.  Find out more about this talk or sign up to watch Astrid and Rich present here.
As one of the leading names in sustainable IT solutions, this is a message that we advocate frequently. Techbuyer supplies refurbished IT equipment globally, working to reduce e-waste around the world and improve the sustainability of the IT sector. Our services are designed to provide a circular IT economy whilst extending the life of technology and preventing valuable devices and raw materials from ending up in landfill.

Spiceworld 2021 Virtual Event 

Join us at the Spiceworld Virtual event September 27th-29th to see a range of highly skilled speakers talk about their areas of expertise. Included in the 2021 lineup is Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. The event is hosting a fantastic selection of talks to cover many issues, solutions, and ideas surrounding the IT sector. View the full agenda for the event on the Spiceworld website.