Sustainability and Sales Tracking – Ben Finder Optimizes Our UN Global Goals Progress

Sales and sustainability aren’t necessarily departments that you’d think go hand in hand. However, as a refurbishment specialist we have a long history of server technicians, account managers and IT teams all coming together to maximize IT budgets, keep technology in use and further the circular economy.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the UN Global Goals, a member of our sales team, Ben Finder has been taking a closer look at our sustainability tracking. Thanks to his hard work as part of Techbuyer’s Sustainability Committee, we have now optimised our output for Goal 3 – Good Health and Wellbeing – and Goal 4 – Quality Education. We caught up with Ben to find out more.

Optimising healthcare and education IT savings

“I joined Techbuyer’s Sustainability Committee a few months ago, as one of two sales representatives,” says Ben Finder, Sales Executive. “I was immediately interested in the healthcare and education IT cost savings that our team is generating, and wondered if the trade side of our business was being fully recognized.”

“After the first meeting, I met up with Sophie, our Q&A Administrator who took me through how our sales teams add information into Netsuite. I found that although Techbuyer was saving healthcare and education organizations a significant amount of money, because they weren’t our direct customers, they weren’t being added to our sustainability tracking.”

“To rectify this, I asked the sales team to provide information about times we have sold IT equipment to hospitals, schools and colleges through another client, and added them into an Excel spreadsheet. This was then put forward in global sales meetings and added to our sustainability tracking.”

Ben’s hard work has highlighted over £180,000 worth of cost savings which previously weren’t included in our tracking.

Seeing the bigger picture

“It’s been great getting involved in the Sustainability Committee and learning about goings on in the business that previously I might not have been aware of,” Ben continues. “It’s also a nice feeling to see the hard work and effort of the sales team getting recognized in a different way.”

“Times like these show how beneficial it is to bring different departments together (at least over Zoom), and take a minute to recognize the bigger picture.”

Techbuyer is set to release its first sustainability report in October 2020, a year after we first announced our support of the UN Global Goals. Check back on our socials and blog for more information soon!

In the meantime, check out our UN Global Goals video.

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