How to remove RAM from a HPE server
Removing memory from your HPE server is a simple enough process once you are comfortable with server components and system boards. However, we understand that confidence takes time and so we have put together this guide and short video to help you with the removal of memory modules to demonstrate the process for you and help you gain confidence with this procedure.
In this video we will be using the HPE DL380 G9 server as an example, however, the process can be repeated on most HPE servers. Follow the steps below, or watch our short video for a visual demonstration, on removing your memory modules from your HPE server safely:

RAM Memory Removal:

    • Begin by powering down the server, this protects both the equipment and yourself from harm.
    • Open the clips on either side of the memory slot that you are going to be removing.
    • Gently lift the memory out and remove it from the unit.
The process is a simple one, however, it can look daunting to those new to server configuration. For a visual demonstration, watch the video below:

If you are replacing or upgrading your memory modules, you may want to watch our video on how to install memory into an HPE server here. For any further advice, recommendations or guidance, our team has decades of experience with server configuration and would be happy to answer any questions.

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